sexual inquiries...  

rm_KinkyMTgirl 40F
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2/20/2005 3:42 pm

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4/27/2007 1:40 pm

sexual inquiries...

Ok guys, I really want something from you. I tend to hide my sexual "persona" behind a good girl exterior. I try to keep it from my family and most of my friends what a huge nympho I am. But sometimes I wonder if a guy will ever want all of me, or just the nympho. What do you want? I'm the kinda girl who gets wet from just a kiss, who will beg you to fuck me, who loves different positions, who enjoys watching adult movies with a guy, who talks dirty when turned on, the more turned on I am, the dirtier I get. but do guys like this? Behind closed doors your girl gets naughty?

I've been told that big girls are good in bed, because we are so eager to please. I'm eager to please, but I don't think that why I'm good in bed. I want to be pleased also.

So, do you want your woman to talk dirty? To check other women out? To beg you to fuck her? To be into role playing and stuff? Or is that just in the "sewing your wild oats" days?

4EverYoungFL 67M

2/21/2005 5:25 am

Not to be too clinical, but I think part of your dilemma may stem from the fact that, as you say, you "hide" your sexual persona behind a "good girl exterior." That may be causing you to attract only guys whom you think only want the nympho.

I can only speak for myself. However, I am married to a great Southern gal, one who perfectly fits the message in the song, "Behind Closed Doors." She is a perfect lady in public, but a whore in bed. And yes, men LOVE this! At least, this man loves it.

Keep looking. Eventually, you will find the right combination of a guy who wants that good girl exterior but a whore in bed. Just make sure that guys who really turn you on get to see both sides of you.

rm_rockDREWstar 32M
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2/21/2005 11:07 am

I know what I want...and I think it might be you! I've always had this thing for "bigger" girls...maybe it's because I'm skinny...but I've never really had a problem being pleased or pleasing them. But if a girl begged me to fuck her, I definitely would...I would hope any other sane male would do the same...GOOD BLOG; Keep writing

rm_curve2it 46M

2/21/2005 12:44 pm

Damn, you sound perfect! You are exactly what I want! Please keep blogging, you are fantastic. Wish you were closer.

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2/22/2005 11:25 am

yes big girls are gooood in bed because love please and be pleased!!

rm_constguy4u 50M
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2/22/2005 1:26 pm

baby your everything I want my girlfriend won't do any of those thing anymore I try to get her to talk dirty and beg me to fuck her and hell gettting a bj mise well forget it now here the kick in the pants part you said big woman want to please I believe that but she has put on some wieght and now thats here excuse she says she don't feel good about her self anymore I try to be asuring I mean I tel her I want her I do all kinds of stuff tring to get here turned on nothing I give her massages run buble bath and candle light to get her relaxed perform oral sex on her never get in return and the list would go on now my ex wife was like you but only about one week a month I called it her horny week so I was good for at least 12 weeks A year not bad the rest of the time was hell but that week uasally made up for it so baby if your that way your old man luckiest guy on earth wish you lived close to me I 'd take care of you 24/7he drop me A line like know what you think

rm_KinkyMTgirl 40F
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2/23/2005 9:07 pm

constguy4u...DAMN, if you were my man, you'd be getting it all the for bj's, I love sucking cock and having my man tell me how good my mouth feels around his cock, feeling his hands grab my hair when's just about to cum...I'm pretty much horny all the time, but I guess you've figured that out...

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2/24/2005 4:35 am

Oh all that sounds like a woman i would be wild and all for willing to pleasure all day an all night long till she begged me to stop and fell off my huge strapon cock from total exuastion after nonstop ormasic pleasures all night long ) kissess


2/26/2005 10:42 am

I like all that you mentioned in your entry. I get so turned on by a woman that can be a lady in public and intelligent and exude sexiness. THen behind closed doors be my freak everyday of the week. Doing what Papi tells her to do. I want a woman that wants her ass smacked and hair pulled and wants to swallow and taste my cum. And on the other side of that coin, I want her to want me to taste her and lick her all over. Tell me to bend her over a chair and stick my face in her pussy and have a feast.

rm_KinkyMTgirl 40F
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2/26/2005 4:06 pm

But isn't that part of the fun? Discovering that the woman you are interested in is every inch the lady in public, but behind closed doors can act the whore, for want of a better word. I think a guy would be pleasantly surprised and happy if he got both a lady and a wildcat...

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3/1/2005 10:21 pm

KinkyMTgirl, If all you are out for is discreet sex then lets get it on. Some guys just want to get fucked and then they are on their way, others are looking for a fuck buddy. Some are looking for a discreet fuck buddy. It all comes down to the same thing someones getting fucked. AdultFriendFinder Lets get together.

SuthnSatisfier 38M

3/2/2005 12:24 am

MTgirl, in response to your blog, I am 36, and my nature to get intense, talk dirty, and get passionate with sex has, if anything, increased as I get older. When dating someone, I have been very sexually expressive, kinky and flirtatious myself, yet reserved in public out of respect for the one I was dating, if we agreed on monogamy. But I have been plagued in long term relationships, because so far those I chose who were that way, ended up being very flirtatious and expressively kinky with other men in public also, some have cheated on me as the result, others have even used their flirtation with others as a tool against me. So as of now, Im simply not looking for any long term monogamous relationship with a woman right now. But eventually I will find a woman who loves to be wild and flirtatious and kinky, and certainly loves sexual fulfillment on a daily bases, but respects the heart that has been given to her, and carries herself according to the "good girl" status when around others, and will probably propose to that one. I say by all means, express your sexuality to one you are dating, and if the two of you decide you want a monogamous relationship, let them know that you value them and will only open yourself up in all forms of sexuality when you are behind closed doors with them. I hope I have given you an insight to your question with this.

dajachrigr 59M
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8/28/2005 1:24 pm

I like the good girl part just as long as its not too good. I think you have to be a little flirty outside so that when people see you they think 'Lovely woman, I bet he gets it enough for 10'. You certainly seem like someone I'd be very hesitant to loose track of.

dajachrigr 59M
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8/28/2005 1:41 pm

by the way I'm married to a sexual disaster and can only dream (so far) of meeting up with a woman like you. I wish she would beg for a screw, check out women with me, tell how she'd fuck some guy passing on the street, come up with some kinky fantasies. Every day is a day to sew your oats.

rm_constguy4u 50M
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4/13/2007 1:57 pm

baby I want a woman to talk dirty to me send me kinky text message of how bad she wants me want her to tel me to fuck her want a woman that calls says get over here I need that hard cock now that will drees slutty only when I want if she like to check out woman cool it may be the wild oats days as you say but I'm 40 and guess i'll never grow up I think guy always want these kinda thing thats why relationship go bad woman get in a groove same old shit different day and guys go looking for that on the wild side woman that does little thing like text message of how bad she wants him or say I'm going to bathroom in in a restaunt come in in a minute and fuck me keep the spice going and you'll keep thing HOTTT

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