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2/20/2005 3:17 pm

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FINALLY!! the drought is over! lol Ok, it wasn't really a drought, but I've been "into"this guy for a little while, although I won't tell him that. I just find him very, very attractive. It was the guy from super bowl Sunday. I ran into him in the bar and he was "having fun" lol Big long story, but needless to say I ended up at his house. Damn he's a good kisser and he's got the nicest hands! Big and soft (*his hands, I mean lol) We argued over whether or not he did indeed invite me over or he "would have invited me over" But then he told me the nicest thing...that night he showered and waited for me to show up! Wish I would have been smart enough to figure that out. But things worked out in the end. I guess we are now having "an affair" until I move in March. I can't wait to have another go-round...But this time I plan to bring a toy or 2 and some other

He also told me I was a good little cock sucker. I don't know if other women like hearing this, but certainly did! I could go into detail, but I would rather go to his house and re-live it all over again, with a few new scenes....needless to say we didn't crawl out of bed until 2 p.m. I would have happily stayed there the rest of the day, too! But I had to work and he had a meeting to go to....

Give me some suggestions on things to do to him...I wanna make sure he remembers me when I've moved...

inneed4sex24 39M

2/23/2005 11:05 am

I think next time you are giving him oral you should play with his ass mabye finger him if he is into it


2/23/2005 10:16 pm

Yes, On the ass Play, go to lovers package store and get some of the lube called anal lube. use a little of that on your right middle finger and put it in, in a curve up towards the penis far enough to massage the prostrate, which from your view point would be the end of the penis down inside the body.. when you hit the right spot it is almost as good as when your "G" spot is touched and he will let you know by sounds and movements, be sure to give very good head at the same time and some times on some guys an all of a sudden good cum !!!

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