Men, tell me what you want...  

rm_KinkyMTgirl 40F
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2/14/2005 5:48 pm

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8/4/2006 6:55 pm

Men, tell me what you want...

Ok, guys, I truly want to know...What is it that you want? I know guys are different, but I would love to just be able to be with a guy and know things that he might not wanna say he wants. So, are there any fantasies you are afraid to tell a lady for fear we'll: 1. Laugh, 2. Stare at you in shock or 3. Run like hell

I'm very serious about this. I know I keep some of my fantasies to myself for those same fears. I'm very open-minded about sex. I love trying new, let's talk fantasies, ok?

Bring 'em on.

manupforall 60M

2/15/2005 12:44 pm

I just love it when I have a hot session with a lady with oral and penetration sex in every hole. While I am laying there recovering she gets out a strapon, puts it on and then she takes me.
When she is wearing the toy she is in charge and makes me do what ever she wants and I hope that at the least it includes her making me suck her 'dick' and her well and truely fucking my tight ass.

Just 'one' of the things I like and want.

rm_HueMungus_1 50M

2/22/2005 4:29 am

Well, thanks for the visual, manupforall. My day is ruined.

love69196301 55M
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2/23/2005 4:22 am

Hello KinkyMTgirl, I have just finished reading your posts. I am not sure what city you are moving to. If you were to show up in my town,I might have to help you out.
Thank you for thr posts they are great.
xoxoxoxo love69196301

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4/3/2005 9:21 pm

enemas are my secret fetish. on cam with viewers that are gettin off to it flips my switch. i would love to have a girl piss and shit onn me too' yeah i know i'm freaky but you asked

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