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2/14/2005 10:51 am

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I either need a man or I need to invest in some stock for Duracell. I can't decide which would be better, so maybe I need both. Today is a day for lovers...gag me. I'm not ready for love, just lust. Thoughts of men surrounding me with hard, cum filled cocks nearly distract me completely. I guess I just need a good week or two of hard, hot, fast, sweaty, hair pulling, sex.

Also, I find that being lustful in a small town is WRONG for a woman. How people think still amazes/confuses me! I mean it's ok for a man to go out and get laid, he gets high fived for it. But for a woman to do it, she's labeled a slut. Well, I live in a small town and people talk. They find my sex life to be one of their favorite subjects, but I find that even though it irritates me, I'm not willing to give up having sex. I should get high fived, dammit! lol

Wow, the next man to cross and my path and even look cross eyed at me is gonna get laid. Ok, maybe not that extreme, I'm kinda picky about my men. I know that it takes as little as a guy touching me or kissing me for me to be "ready" for anything...does that happen to a lot of women?? I used to find it embarrassing, but a guy told me it was nice to know how wanted he

I can also honestly say that's not a guys dick size that matters. I mean the pinky sized ones don't get me off, but I've had huge cocks and I've had avg and both have made me cum. I like all kinds of dick, I just wish I could get more!

Sorry about the topic switches. Things just come to mind and I go with it.

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2/14/2005 9:52 pm

Is it just me? I'm kinda lost in the blogs lol...

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