Is being picky a good or bad thing? I dont think so!  

KinkyCandyLicker 42M  
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8/5/2005 9:21 pm
Is being picky a good or bad thing? I dont think so!

I'm been told be many people that I am to picky. That's just me, I guess. I love all women but there are certain things that turn me on.

Women who are not afraid 2 say what's on there minds (Its a big plus)
Hair in pig tails (I wanna pull them while I fuck your brains out!)
Belly button pierced (So sexy)
Small feet & cute toes painted (Awww so cute)
Nice abs or flat stomach (Ummm... so yummy)
Women who handles her business
Nice hands (A woman should her nail done)
Bad girls (not crazy ones)
Girly girls (not stupid, silly or just plain dumb)
Women who work out & keep in shape (ummm nice and sweat baby)
Older women (ummm dam... they turn me on!)
Red heads, strawberry blonde's & brunettes
Accents (Foreign accents are so hot!)
Latin, Asian & Cuban chicks (So yummy)
Natural beauty ( A man dream)
A women that can cook (Yummy! feed ya man)
Petite women (So damn sexy! Grrrr)
Green & hazel eyes (My favorite colors)
High lights (I think its so hot!)
Non smokers (I don't smoke at all)
Women who love sex as much as I do (Lets just do it like Nike!)
Freaks (I love a woman that can teach me new things cus I'm a bit kinky!)
A woman who is very oral (I just can't get enough, please do me until the cows cum home!)
Legs (sexy legs are like whoa)
Women who LOVES music (Music brings me joy and relaxes me)
Lips (Can I kiss them softly)
Women who like 2 drink beer (Silly huh but hot!)
Women who know what they want (Its a big plus!)
Open minded women (So we can try new things)

There is so much more, but these are the first things that popped in my mind. I'm materialistic as hell huh? Tell me what you think?

happym; Officer Kinky! ?*

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PrettyDelicious1 49F

10/30/2010 8:35 pm

It's a very good thing and MORE people on here need to do it!

Damn where were you when I lived in Florida for 25 years

continue to be picky honey do not settle for mediocre of ordinary, most of the women on this site are COMMON BBW's keep asking for what you want and don't give in until you get it!

i commend you

KinkyCandyLicker 42M  
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10/31/2010 10:18 am

Amen! And u know I will!!! I never settle for less!

happym; Officer Kinky! ?*

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