News from the Swing Front.......  

KingDongilingus 44M
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7/25/2006 6:09 pm
News from the Swing Front.......

Well, new news is new news, so here you go. (At least this blog gives me something to do)

Got hit on by ANOTHER couple from Dallas, on another site (can't mention names of course). That said, the wife WAS hot enough that I answered, so for now, it goes down as a "Possible".

Also shot down 2 guys and a single gal from Dallas. No surprise there. The key is to remember this, "I am not fucking them NOW, so it won't bother me at all to NOT fuck them later either". Well, that and I don't lose anything or gain either, and the losing part is the most important (I.E., time, money).

Well, it works for me. Shame about this though, I had to clean up the "Inactives" from my IM list (same name but a Yellow Smiley behind it, shameless plug) and unfortunately had to let two of the younger gals go because they entered the "Waste of Time" phase that occurs so often.

Hey, I am with you, everyone has stuff to do, I know that, I deal with and understand that. UNTIL it bothers me enough (about once a month) and I start dropping people. Both were fun, but not serious enough for a repeat re-meat.

Anything else? Not really. I DO meet some very nice people on here, but not nearly as much as I would like. Especially when it comes to seriousness and Mr. Wang.

Tomorrow is another day, so feel free to fuck off until tomorrow.

King and Wangus Maximus

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