Mr. Wang and RP (roleplay).......  

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7/29/2006 12:14 am

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7/31/2006 3:46 pm

Mr. Wang and RP (roleplay).......

So, I got hit by a gal from Dallas. Nothing new there, it happens all the time. But you see my friends, THIS is a new type of Things That Make You Go..........WHAT THE FUCK!

So, nice body, 20 years old (seems Mr. Wang is popular with the younger crowd too. I imagine because they get guys........not so hung).

Anywho, she busts off a couple of messages, my jaw drops, and she wants this stuff:

Roleplaying, except I am Daddy! Okay, for you REAL swingers, you know the drill. For me who DOES swing and HAS experience, this is slightly.........kooky.

I can go for a lot of things, this strictly falls into the, "I got no FUCKING clue" pile that I have. Interesting? Kind of. Creepy? Kind of. Hot gal? Pretty much. Will I tear her up (actually, that is Mr. Wang and not myself)? Ummmmm........

I still am not sure on that one. I dig RP I guess, but I never saw much use for it. I can understand to a degree, but I am and will continue to be "plain vanilla", without the kink.

To me, if you can't do the basics worth a damn, anything else you do won't be for shit either. Practice the basics, become a Cock-Meister, and THEN move on to something new. Seems more and more both sides of the fence are forgetting even that...........

A lot of budding Marquise De Sade's and Machiavelli's around, makes me wonder if Mr. Wang is TRULY safe at some of these meetings we go to. If not.............I can always scream and run pretty damn fast for my size (and yes, that includes dragging Mr. Wang down the steps and off the porch you sick bastards!).

Go ahead damn you! Laugh at another mans misfortune (or turn for the worse).

King and Mr. Wang 'O Brien (Irish prick ain't he? You oughtta watch him drink a Guinness!)

rm_aboutme66 52F
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7/29/2006 12:51 am

lmfao ....... thanks for the laughs....

Someday is today.

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