Another couple..........  

KingDongilingus 43M
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7/22/2006 10:52 pm
Another couple..........

A couple from up near T-town hit me up last night. They seemed to be very nice and considerate people as well.

Unfortunately, they are another couple that bites the dust as it were. Scheduling wouldn't permit a fun time, so out they go!

Oh well, as many replies as I receive on couples, there will be another hitting me very soon. As usual, I am still seeking that elusive couple with a HOT gal. Or, more precisely, I am still NOT looking, but they find me anyway.

No Harm, No Foul, All Boredom at any rate. Gives me something to do I guess.

Still can't figure out why I can say, "NO FUCKING GUYS" and yet I still get flooded by them. Wow, they will use their small penises to turn me to the dark side RIGHT NOW! Hahahaha, couldn't resist.

To each their own, but give me a damn break, quit trying to make yours mine, and let me live in FREEDOM! Hehehehe.

King and Mr. Wang

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