ALL talk, NO action Fake gals (quite a few on here!)......  

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7/29/2006 12:01 am

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ALL talk, NO action Fake gals (quite a few on here!)......

So, I see a blog on here from a SUPPOSED 22 year old with no photo, in Durant, and she is bitching about how fake all the big dicks are. Obviously, she hasn't met Mr. Wang. (Ahhhh, the all talk no action type! What a surprise Mr. Wang, yet another one!)

That said, she jumps ship on her own argument to bitch about guys sending her dick pictures. Obviously, by not posting ANY pics of her own, she is MUCH more likely to not be 3rd String Punt Return! (Ahhh, the Ego of the 3rd String Bench-Warming Punt-Return Female, she needs SPELL CHECK!)

So in the interest of Sexual Science, let's take a hypothetical look at this (from my point of view).......

I am hung like a small donkey. I have photo proof of Donkey-Like Hungness. In reality, I am also hung like a small donkey. Since I own the equipment, I notice that yes indeedy, I really AM 8" long by 6" thick, and show it often to other females from this very site, who, Yes Indeedy, find out it is the exact size noted!

So, to all you females who say size matters, and then I whip Mr. Wang out and say in a boisterous manner, "Yes it does, look here!" and you run away screaming, I salute you! You could not be more of a fake, but thanks for wasting my time Miss Douchebag! (Don't ask what Mr. Wang thinks, he doesn't really, other than to scream, "FUCK!")

Oh well, I guess them being full of shit gives me something to do. Especially to make fun of their feeble attempts of devaluation. I do believe it is referred to as the "golden pussy" syndrome. Thanks a lot Oprah!

King and Wangus Fatticus (Latin thank you)

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