My favorite clothes  

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6/14/2006 10:07 am
My favorite clothes

I love dressing up. There are many reasons why I do it, and I wont really go into them now so as not to bore you. I will just say that I am never fully relaxed until I put on a pair of tights. I love tights, pantyhose, and stockings. They are the most comfortable things in the world, and I don't understand why women don't love them as much as I do. Any with backseams are my favorite. I have some nice, expensive ballet tights with backseams. One pair are backseam fishnets. I also like other tight things, like leotards. Just about any outfit that involves tights and a leotard is usually hot in my book. I have many costumes involving this combination, like the cat costume you see in my photo album. I also love tutus. I know they aren't necessarily supposed to be considered hot, but there is something about them that really turns me on. I love looking at women wearing them, and I have quite a few of them in my wardrobe. They may not normally be thought of as hot, but I think my french made tutu is pretty hot, don't you? And it is so comfortable. It is very soft and it makes me feel very pretty. I have a variety of high heels. I love black, white, and pink, and most of my tutus and heels are in those colors or combinations of colors. I have some four inch mary janes, but most of my shoes have 5" heels. I have one pair that have 5 1/2" heels. Those have ankle straps with padlocks. Most of my shoes have ankle straps. There is no combination like backseam tights and 5" heels with ankle straps. My favorite shoes are black velvet 5" pumps with ankle straps. I'm 6' 7 wearing them. Chokers are about the sexiest thing a woman can wear around her neck, and I love wearing them too. I have a beautiful black and white lace choker with a cameo, a white pearl choker, and various collars. Long evening gloves are so sexy and I have finally started finding some that stretch above my elbows. I have a pair of black velvet gloves that almost reach my armpits. So soft. I wear on my head whatever goes with the outfit I'm wearing. I have a wig, but I don't always wear it because I think I look better without it. I have some flowery head pieces that go with my tutus. I have a black and white bow that goes with my french maid outfit, and my favorite would have to be my furry cat ears. In fact, my cat outfit is probably my favorite outfit of all. It is made of my ears, whiskers, cute makeup, a bow collar, black leotard, a belt with a long, furry tail, long velvet gloves, backseam fishnets, and my velvet 5" heels with ankle straps. I feel so sexy wearing this costume, and I hope you will agree.

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