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7/25/2005 6:37 am

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Well, so I gave in and decided to give this site a try. I have no idea why, but. Maybe something'll happen from it. Last night I went to my friend's and we did a private gig for their family. Pretty lame, but whatever. New song: If God Sinned ... pretty nice, I'll add the lyrics later.

Annoying drama still, ex-girlfriend still wants to know why I never told her I loved her ... well. Because I never did. That's why she's my ex. Maybe I should stop looking for love, yeah? No clue. Anyway, I'm out for now. I need sleep ... but its going to be deathly hot here ... I hate being a canadian, sometimes. We're too used to 50-60 degree summers.. Nova Scotia rocks!

Oh, enjoy the new picture. MS Paint + Old Manga a friend sent. Kind of kinky, might use it for an story, or something. =D

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