Her First Time... and Maybe Mine Also!  

rm_Kerby74 42M
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8/24/2006 1:22 pm
Her First Time... and Maybe Mine Also!

Her first time... and it felt like the first time for me as well!

We met last summer... a mutual friend introduced us. When I first saw her, my heart jumped and I fell head over heels for her immediately. She was 24, a college student, and absolutely gorgeous! She was tall, slender, and had these large, brown eyes that seemed to be able to look deep, deep into my heart. Her mother was Hawaiian so she had these incredible exotic facial features with a beautiful smile and a perfect dark complexion. And what a body, with gorgeous, toned legs and a perfect behind. And best of all, she was very intelligent with a great personality and sense of humor! I was completely smitten!

We saw each other through the summer and fall, and I soon learned that she was a good Catholic girl and a virgin, and had no plans to lose her virginity until she married. I respected her for that decision and never tried to do anything to compromise her or her beliefs. I was in love, no doubt about it!

So you can imagine how heartbroken I was when our relationship fell apart this winter. I cared for her an incredible amount, and in an instant it was over...

But life goes on... in May, the phone rang... and it was my girl calling asking if we could talk! I was a bit curious, and said OK... she was at my door in less than an hour, looking more beautiful than ever. She told me that she had decided that she wanted to lose her virginity, and that I was the only person that she wanted to "take her cherry." I was flattered, and to be honest, I was about as excited as I have ever been in my life... I asked her again and again if she was sure, and again and again she said yes...

It was like a beautiful, romantic dream... we embraced, fell into each other's arms, kissing each other tenderly and yet at the same time with a passion I had never known. As we undressed each other my hands caressed and kissed every inch of her body, running my hands through her long dark hair and over and over again across her flawless skin. I wanted to make love to every inch of her body... I just couldn't get enough of her!

I laid her down on the bed and gently kissed my way down to her adorable little pink pussy. I started to use my tongue, slowly and gently, savoring the sweet taste of her virgin juices. She tasted so sweet and good! I wanted this to be incredibly special for her, so I licked and kissed her clitoris for what seemed like an hour... she had several orgasms and I finally stopped when the pleasure was too intense for her. Now it was time...

I crawled between the most beautiful legs I had ever seen and put my penis on her pussy... I was concerned because of my penis size and the fact that she was a virgin and incredibly tight. So I worked my cock in very slowly and gently, half an inch at a time, not pumping, but holding her in my arms and feeling my warmth slowly entering her. When I was in her I slowly, slowly began to move in and out... oh, what a feeling! This gorgeous woman in my arms, making love in such a tender and gentle way was the most beautiful experience of my life! We looked into each other's eyes and didn't speak a word... we didn't need to, our thoughts, bodies and souls had become one. Time seemed to stand still... we were locked in the most tender and loving embrace, yet at the same time it was the most incredibly passionate experience either of us had ever had.

We made love all night, and it was the most beautiful night of my life... like I was making love for the first time. I have never felt so close to someone as I did that night in her arms. I have made love to literally hundreds of women, but what we shared was beyond just lovemaking... we truly were one those precious hours spent in each other's sweet embraces.

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