AFF does work!!  

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1/20/2006 10:26 am

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AFF does work!!

Amazingly, the day I wrote my last Blog - last Saturday - a woman who lives not too far away, responded to a wink I sent her. I replied to her e-mail, we got onto IM and over the next 48 hours had a few lengthy conversations. We swapped mobile numbers and agreed to meet.

We met on Wednesday. I drove out to her town after work. The plan was to have a drink and perhaps dinner, but she had earlier suggested getting take-aways, so we got Chinese and I followed her back to her place. I naturally assumed that she found me attractive enough to invite me back for more than just something to eat, if you know what I mean

Anyway, we ate, she opened a bottle of wine, we retired to the couch and we chatted away like people do when they meet for the first time. It was very pleasant.

Then she yawned. Not just once, but numerous times over a period of about an hour. I suppose that, since she had worked all the previous night and then had a meeting all day, I should have expected nothing less, but still...

I took the hint, and suggested that she needed her sleep. I got no objections, so I left. I made it clear - by kissing her (twice) - that I was not leaving because I was not interested, and all she had to do was ask me to stay.....

I went home early that night, but the thing I still can't figure is why I haven't heard a word from her since.
Was I just not her type? If so, when did she decide that?
Is she just waiting for me to contact her? I dunno.

I titled this post "AdultFriendFinder does work" because I did get to meet a real live woman. But the crucial bit - going from "Hello" to "Fuck me harder" - is still up to the individual. Looks like I fucked up, but it would be nice to know how!

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