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Sunday school

I saw her first in church. Sitting near the front. A very smart colourful outfit at first sight, but if you looked closely you saw the high heels, the seam up the back of the stockings, the tight skirt. Halleluiah I thought!

When the service was over I decided to follow her, just to see which way she went. It was a warm day and the walk would be pleasant - I never thought anything would come of it. I was about to break off, when I noticed that she had dropped her gloves. I picked them up, just as she turned a corner. Hurrying to the junction, I spotted the house she entered and decided I would return them.

When she opened the door she had already removed her hat and her jacket. She had playful eyes, olive skin and dark hair. She had opened several buttons of her blouse to reveal an ample cleavage.

“Yes?” she asked. I explained that I was returning the gloves and she thanked me and invited me in. “It so hot today ‒ how about a lemonade?”

We sat side by side on the sofa drinking the lemonade and exchanging idle chat about the sermon ‒ she seemed to like it. I found her so attractive, that I was quite taken up in the moment and, without warning, leaned over and kissed her. I drew back, thinking I must have made a terrible, mistake. But she grabbed my shoulders, drew me to her and we exchanged a long, slow, deep kiss.

Gradually I moved from her mouth and down her neck to her glorious cleavage. Slowly I opened each button, softly kissing her olive flesh through the opening gap. I would lightly kissed her stomach, while I reached around her back to unhook the bra straps. Her gorgeous naked breasts tumbled into my face and as I nuzzled, and sucked them they became puffy and hard.

By now she had begun to unbutton my shirt and then moved down to my belt. My hard cock was pressing into the zip, and when she pulled it down it burst out of my trousers. She squealed with delight, pulled my trousers right off, and threw herself on my cock. She started at the base, licking right up the stem several times before taking the tip in her mouth and then diving down till my cock filled her throat. This was exquisite, but I didn’t want to come too soon.

I brought her face up to kiss her on the mouth again, tasting the flavour of my own cock as I did so. . Then I took each breast in turn into my mouth, circling my tongue around her nipples. I pushed her back onto the sofa kissed her stomach and then her crotch through her knickers. Then, slowly, I slipped her knickers off - kissing down the inside of one leg as I pulled them down, then up the inside of the other on the return journey. When I reached her cunt I was delighted that it was shaved smooth. I have a very long tongue and I pushed it deep inside her. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. Finding her clit, I used my tongue to circle and lick it. She moaned faster and louder. Her hips rose in excitement rise and my mouth filled with her sweet juices. Her legs spread ever wider as slowly I slowly licked and sucked and teased her.

When she was close to reaching her peak I wet my fingers in her juice and the slowly circled her anus. Around and around I went and then slowly slipped a finger deep inside her. She came with a great burst of her juice, thrusting and grinding her clit into my face.

I could wait no longer for my satisfaction and moved on top of her. She was begging me to fuck her and she was so wet that I thrust deep inside her with one swift, firm movement. I fuck her with long, full firm thrusts. Her legs were wrapped around my back as I rode her, a fabulous buttock in each hand. I don’t think I have ever come so much in my life. It flowed over our thighs and bellies, yet I was so aroused that I could keep fucking her until she came a second and a third time.

Finally satisfied, we lay back panting on the sofa, our bodies bathed in sweat. To my surprise a clock on the mantle struck 2. “My goodness, is that the time?” I leapt to my feet. “I am really so sorry, I have to go.” I was afraid that she would be offended, but she smiled. “I understand.” She said, and handed me my dog collar. “I will look forward to next week’s sermon on the mount.”

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