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11/24/2005 10:12 pm

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Me and a female co-worker started flirting occasionally and over time we got more and more interested in each other. She started flashing her massive breast which definantly became a job benifit,lol. One day we crossed paths and naturally started flirting, we were in the storage area with nobody around. She asked if she could see if I was a good kisser so I leaned over and started kissing her. I felt her hand pressing against my dick trying to feel how big I am. She asked me if I would want to go to her house on lunch hour and I accepted, then said she hasn't had any sort of sex in two years.

I followed her to her house and hardly got inside before we were all over each other, kissing and grabbing. We were almost naked when we reached her bed, I was sucking her tits while I pulled down her panties. I went down and began licking her clit as I played with her big nipples. She was moaning good and pleaded for me not to stop so I kept going until she was shaking from her orgasm. I stood up and took off my boxers so she could finally get to my hard cock, she was so horny she gave me the best oral I ever experienced, amazing sucking ability! I put her on the bed and squeezed my dick in her tight cunt, I teased her by slowly going deeper and deeper till her eyes rolled back and wrapped her legs around me. I started thrusting harder and faster as she rubbed her nipples and began screaming "yes, yes, don't stop". I felt her cum squirting on me while she spread her legs wide. I turned her over and pounded her doggy as I rubbed her clit, she was so tight it was unbeleivable. I felt my load building up while she had another orgasm, she said "cum in my mouth" so I removed the condom and squirted a huge load in her mouth. We began to get ready to return to work until we thanked each other for the others qualities and I showed her I was already hard again. She replied "Forget work where have you been all my life" as she dragged me back to the bedroom where we pleased each other all afternoon. 401k, medical, dental and milf with tight pussy, whats not to like.

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