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3/2/2006 1:50 am

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Dear love

My Dear love

For a long time I have been wanting to tell you something but we have not
even found each other in this life. But i wanted to tell you what I feel in case that
you read this letter.
I die for kissing you, for holding you in my arms of desire towards you,
to caress your whole body, to arrive at your tenderness and your
passion, for loving you.
That I feel like stranger because I want to love you and I can only miss you
,because I want to forget you but you live in my mind, because i dont want
to listen to your voice but my heart criesout for you. I want to run away but you are in me.
I Dream with your presence, a slow delay of your love, a quiet whisper
that says love me, a caress given by your hands you and I.
I dreamed yesterday that you would be with me to make me happy,
that you were mine and I yours eternally, i dreamed yesterday of
kissing you and fill you with passion, I dreamed yesterday about your love.
Love, Without you the seconds pass like a sudden dusk, without you my
feelings fall to the emptiness of sadness, without you my tears
are born solitary and fragile, without you often I hear the passages
of your affection, dream with feeling one day the caresses of your
heart, i take your hand and I take you for a walk around the
beauty of Love.
I want you to know that you are my tender angel, my recomposed
heart, my sweet soul, my beautiful caresses, my way to happiness, my
permanent refuge, my good side, my perfect hiding place, my dreamed
goal, my amiable woman... thus who you are. And that I want to be
able to tell you, I love when waking up to next to you every morning, and I
want to serve you until i die my love.
Love I recognize that I want Im in love with you, that i have feelings of melancholy
in your lack, that I think about the moments of your return, and that I
eternally long for the touching of your lips.

I long for the day in which our paths will cross. Until

Then..............My Love

I will continue to wait for you

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