If You Really Loved Me  

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If You Really Loved Me

If You Really Loved Me
- by me - 11/11/2005

"If you really love me," he smiled, "you will lay down with me and give me pleasure."

There was that look: seen also sometimes in the eyes of a husbandman, who has farmed a large carrot that he hopes to sell for more value than the labor he has put into it.

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Continued from the front page...

If You Really Loved Me
- by me - 11/11/2005

"If you really love me," he smiled, "you will lay down with me and give me pleasure."

There was that look: seen also sometimes in the eyes of a husbandman, who has farmed a large carrot that he hopes to sell for more value than the labor he has put into it.

"I think I do love you," she said, "but I don't want to lie down with you unless I receive some pleasure too, and you haven't mentioned that!"

"Of course I will give you pleasure, my darling," his eyes glinted with the look of a shopper, who carefully reckons how much money he must part with to bring a large muskmelon from the vendor's stall to his breakfast table. "There was no need for me to mention that, for it is implicit in my desire for you." He said it with bookkeeper's eyes.

She nodded shyly; and then looked deeply into his eyes and smiled, "How can I believe you? How can I be sure you even know how to give pleasure? To hear my more experienced girlfriends talk, most boys..."

"Pay them no mind," his voice was rising now, "I will pleasure you. For I love you more than the moon and stars, all rolled into one."

"I believe you," she told him, but something else troubles me. "How do I know that I can please you? I am new at this; I lack experience."

"You have nothing to worry about," exasperation filled his voice. “Anything you do will please me. Let's remove our clothes now, and lie down together."

"Take yours off first," she responded. "I have not seen a naked male body and it will please me very much to gaze upon yours."

So the boy stripped off his clothes, looking rather sheepish. "Now take yours off," he demanded.

"All in good time," the young virgin lady said coyly. "For now, I just want to watch you for awhile."

"Watch me? Watch me do what," her male friend sounded alarmed.

"Oh, I don't know," she replied, "You look too excited for headstands or cartwheels. Why don't you show me how you'd like me to pleasure you. Just use your hand and show me what you'd like me to do with you."

"But..." the boy was panicking.

"Don't be ashamed," she was smiling, "after all, this is Me! And you do want me to take off my clothes and lie down. Don't you? Now fulfill my request and show me how you like to be pleasured."

The boy began to touch himself, first with extreme embarrassment, then, as excitement grew, he fondled and stroked with increasing gusto. Soon, he was rocking and bucking, breathing hard and moaning.

Suddenly, the young Lady slapped his hand aside, "Don't get too excited, dear one; you'll ruin everything! Take five deep breaths and do it again at about one third that speed. And move your grip down a little bit. Yes, like that! You're getting the idea. You're giving me all kinds of ideas, too, for when I disrobe and lie down with you. Now stop and just hold on as you roll your wrist left and right to the sound of my voice.... No, stop that now and take five deep breaths! You're really getting the idea! I'm full of ideas, too ‒ ideas that excite me very much! I think I'm ready to take off my clothes and lie down to pleasure with you!"

The boy looked up at her with relief, but the smiling young lady had not finished speaking.

"My darling boy," she exclaimed, "there is only one more thing you must do for me, before I lie down with you. I want you to allow me to tie up your hands."

The boyfriend gasped, but before he could complain, his sweet young consort ran her very pink tongue over her lips and the poor boy just gave her a resigned look and sighed.

So the boy lay back and allowed his friend to bind his hands together, over his head. She used a nylon stocking. When she had fastened his hands one to the other, she tied them both to the head of the bed. Then, after making sure he was comfortable, she knelt down next to him and gave him the deepest, slowest, wettest, and sweetest kiss she had ever blessed him with.

And then, true to her word, the comely young lady removed every piece of her clothing and lay down with him.

As she lay there next to her beau, she began running her fingers and nails over his bare flesh, ever so lightly, but not in the place he desired her to touch.

She made gentle love to his belly and chest; she toyed with his nipples; she stroked his naked thighs. Soon, he was moaning with desire, pleading for her to do the thing he wanted.

When his begging became frantic, she stopped. She kissed him deeply, with great and true love. Then, ever so slowly and gracefully, she reached down and used one fingernail to trace the underside of his tightly wrinkled scrotum.

The boy moaned, twitching in frustrated ecstasy.

Then the beauteous young lady, wise beyond her years, moved her hand to her vulva. She parted her labia and with a movement that caused her to shudder with desire, she coated two fingers with her warm, glistening juices.

She moved her fingers to her boyfriend's mouth and deposited her liquid offering of love upon his lips.

In her very sweetest voice, serious yet fraught with passion, she spoke: "If you really love me, you will not insist upon ejaculating every time we lie down together.

starlight_runner 40F

3/15/2006 3:02 pm

love it cares not what our hearts feel.

Kisses Star

interested13563 54M
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3/15/2006 4:20 pm

It seems this is a start of a great story....

KarezzaMagick 66M
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3/15/2006 5:57 pm

Thanks for dropping by, starlight_runner.

I'm glad you like the story, interested13563.
I've got a "million" of them. And they're all unfinished, because I'm waiting to learn how they end up!

rm_goddess1946 107F
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3/17/2006 9:02 am

Love really is all there is after all has been said and done, I believe...and it is, then again, yet a choice...

................so many thoughts here

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

KarezzaMagick 66M
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3/17/2006 6:13 pm

GreetZ Goddess,

It's always a choice, but there are times when it isn't a choice. And some of those times are very choice...

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