I've Been on a Secret Mission  

KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/7/2006 4:26 pm

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4/14/2006 7:23 pm

I've Been on a Secret Mission

And I probably won't be able to discuss it here. But please believe me, I really wish I could, and if I could, I'd do so.... quicker than you could say, "Oliver Heaviside!" (I mean that.)

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/8/2006 2:40 pm


Holy shades of mysterious mayhem and mysterious mysteries. Why bring it up if you can't discuss it? I hate it when people do that!!

Well...anywho...be careful...if it's dangerous. If it's fun...have at it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/8/2006 11:46 pm

Well, Mys Kiss...

Actually, my project was inspired by you, via your recent hammerings against some of those nefarious no-goodnicks of nasty, noxious nonsense, sometimes known (by themselves) as "scientists."

Yes, you have goaded me into doing something I've longed to do for quite some time. To wit, start a new website.

But, being me, it can't be just any website. It's got to be in some way remarkable in its blatantly maniacal disregard for convention, propriety, and (perhaps) good taste. And it will be!

You see, I have had a couple of "adult" websites, including one local "nightlife" site for my home town area. But that's all pretty boring, in that it's not at all interesting. At least it doesn't interest me enough that I'll expend my valuable time on it. No, Ma'am. What's needed is a new type of website. A new format, if you will.

I guess I can tell you what I've done.

Here's what I did....

I just struck a deal with a hosting company to host my new website. They ought to be registering my new domain name right about now.

What name is that?

ScienceIsHorseShit dot you-know-what!

Subtitle: "An Unkind Look at Our Secular Religion"

I will use a blog format -- probably PHP open source software installed on the server -- to present information about the world of harmful nonsense, treacherous lies, and fraudulent fuckwitted crapola that is foisted off on the unsuspecting public by the posers-that-be and the pharmaceutical drug racket, et al.

I will use my editorial wit to drive cyber toothpicks beneath their fingernails and educate the general public about their frauds and conspiracies.

But that's not enough, you see, because plenty of people are doing that already. The problem is, nobody goes to those sites. Oh, they get their dozens and some even get hundreds of visitors every day, but that's really nothing. Not when you compare it to what many PORN sites draw!

I recall mentioning to a famous libertarian that her excellent website had 36 thousand visitors one year... but many second rate porn sites may get that much traffic over a weekend! She moaned, unhappily.

So I'm going to include porn on my site!

But I'm also not into porn enough to make a big production of it.

So here's what I'll do.

I'll just use Affiliate programs offered by various existing adult porn sites.

These sites put up free pages of porn to which you can direct people and if they sign up at the site in question, you get fifty bucks (or whatever).

There are literally thousands of such free pages (galleries) to pick from.

This will make it more interesting, being able to earn some 'dirty money' on the side. I don't expect to make big time bucks off it, but that's OK. I do expect that I'll be able to attract quite a few visitors.

But there's more method in my madness.

This will drive wowsers and blue noses wild. All the goody two shoes crowd who push good things, but also love to censor things they think are "bad."

It will also goad arrogant scientists and 'skeptics,' who love to bitch and moan about "quackery" and "pseudo-science."

Maybe some of that crowd will "love to hate" my website so that pretty soon all the idiots down at the local university physics lab (or where ever) are foaming at the mouth, reading my latest blogs, and sending me nasty email (which I will post, along with my clever response, right next to a little icon of a dopey looking fellow with an arrow through his head!

Of course, thanks to the law of averages, a certain percentage of them will be seduced into joining an adult pay site and when they do, I'll get fifty bucks (or whatever). Goddess knows, most of that crowd needs some good masturbation material!

I've already designed a simple, low-bandwidth page layout with a clever little mascot image that should really needle the good herr doktors.

I have a huge collection of links to various examples of science-as-horse-shit material... things like how pharmaceutical drugs kill more people every year than drunk drivers... vaccinations causing autism.... and cancer.... life arising from 'nothing' ala Wilhelm Reich's "bions" and other tales of pleomorphism... milk-as-poison... and so on.

I also have some experience in goading these jerkwaters back in my usenet days.

So we'll see.

One other "inspiration" to this project was the self-professed "Secular Humanist" I met the other night at a Meetup of a local Board Game Group.

This deud opined that conspiracy theories were nonsense because the people allegedly running the conspiracies are not intelligent enough to carry them off. Well, no shit, Mr. Scientist! Yet they still run them and manage to harm and kill lots of people and ruin everybody else's lives, even though they are not exactly "successful" and "getting away with it."

The man also denied the existence of the Aether, reminding me that the Michaelson / Morely Experiment was performed within 1/4 mile of where we were sitting and it "did away with" the concept of "the Aether" for all time. At least according to him. But I have news that says otherwise!

I told this guy he needed "an extended stay in an Orgone Accumulator," which kind of pissed him off.

Then there was the "dewd," another great "Scientist," who "ministers" to a large home schooling group. He's always warning the kiddos against what he refers to as "pseudo science." In fact, he spends so much time belly aching against "pseudo science" that he must have very little time or energy left to pursue real science (maybe a good thing?).

I asked him once, if he knew what "Hobbs Choice" is, regarding the way we're given a choice of two things to believe in as to the origin of the world or universe:

Number One: "The Big Bang created the Universe!"

Number Two: "God created the Universe."


Equally stupid and Hobbsian is the choice:

Choice One: Darwin's Evolutionary Theory
In which every thing jumbled and bumbled around at random, until suddenly "here we all are... surprise, surprise!"

Choice Two: Genesis Creation Story
In which this big Hebrew-like dude makes a couple or seven magic passes with his hands and pulls the whole sheebhang out of his hat.

Again, WTF?

I can't believe in either, for as anyone knows, things did evolve, but according to a plan.

interested13563 54M
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4/9/2006 12:23 pm

Karezza, I knew you were up to something!!!!
Good luck!!!!

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/13/2006 6:54 pm



Are either of you familiar with the book "OAHSPE"?


KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/14/2006 7:23 pm

Hi Kiss,

Oahspe? Hang on a moment and I'll get to that.

What an adventure I've had... actually, I'm still in the midst of it. Need advice. I wish I could tell you about it because of all the people I can think of, I think you'd probably be able to offer the most useful advice of anyone.

Now then... Oahspe?

I've long heard of it, but because it had something to do with JHVH and his angels, I've never found time to look into it.
Personally, I think that JHVH may not be a creator God, but actually a replacement plan for True Spirituality, but I get ahead of myself.

Now that you've brought it up, just a few moments of wild skimming informs me that whatever the reality may be, some people accuse the promulgators of using this book to stifle or cover over the true higher spirituality of the times... and what times they were!

In other words, Oahspe was alleged to have been a "replacement" plan for Real higher spirituality.

That could be true; and I, as a die...dyed-in-the-wool student of conspiracy theory understand, similar cover ups and replacement plans occur in all areas of life and study. Sometimes they are known as limited hangouts; other times they are just plain bad disinformation. Sometimes if you follow the instructions, you'll be in danger.

But what is your interest in Oahspe? That's what really interests me. Do you know something about this? Or are you looking?

I am going to post a link back here in your latest blog post.
The above mentioned alleged scheme cannot be something you don't know about if you've researched Oahspe for more than the first page or to at a major search engine. So I'll assume you were looking for info. Sorry I don't know any more about it. Unfortunate, as well, that we cannot post URLs here at AdultFriendFinder, though I can see their point in disallowing it.

Please keep an eye open for a long post I plan to make this evening, titled "Guiltless Pleasures" That's about 1/3 of my amazing adventure story. There's no way I can post the other two thirds... Not yet. Maybe never. And I shouldn't mention parts of this third. Tell me... if I spring for a "Real" account here, say pay for one month, I'll be able to use their email to message you, right? Are you able to then return each message? You and your el-cheapo "Standard" Account, yuk, yuk, yuk...

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