Guiltless Pleasures with a Templar Treasure!  

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4/14/2006 8:14 pm

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Guiltless Pleasures with a Templar Treasure!

At this juncture, I've long given up my childhood belief in "coincidence." No way. Things are just too uncanny to be coincidental.... and they happen to me all the time now!

Case in point, the lovely lady gracing my post icon up there. Would you believe that...

But wait a minute.

In the interest of a brief front blog page, I'll post the entire story inside, as the first comment. Come on in and read what happened when I met a Templar Treasure, face to face!

KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/14/2006 9:26 pm

Here's the full text of my post.

Mea Culpa, maybe, but somehow I think that...

My Templar ancestors would be proud of me!

At this juncture, I've long given up my childhood belief in "coincidence." No way. Things are just too uncanny to be coincidental.... and they happen to me all the time now!

Case in point, the lovely lady gracing my post icon up there. Would you believe that...

But wait a minute.

First, a bit of background history.

I've been working on setting up a Goddess Revival Tantric Femdom Sex Magick "Cult" for a couple years.

What's taking me? Come one, I'm a man. Thus, you'd think I should be the last person in the world to take on a project like this and make a go of it.

That would be true, except for one thing. Men are better at doing, but women are best at knowing what should be done.

In other words, I can pull this off, but only if I have some knowledgeable and talented women to advise me and even direct me. And those women would probably not be able to get the job done by themselves, because they need a man who can DO. That's me. I'm a Project Manager, you see (har har har... no, really!).

For a reason that I cannot at this time divulge, I need a professional woman who can aid certain males in learning to work sex magick to accomplish their goals.

Who can do this? Hmmm..... So I looked in the pages of the local electronic "Adult Entertainment BackPages," which happens to be intimately linked to our local hard-copy Entertainment and Nightlife rag.

After a few weeks of mulling it over, and narrowing the field to one rather sexy looking blonde escort who claims to do fetish work too, I phoned her and found out "she" was probably a ringer photo posted by an escort agency. Either that or she got into and out of that business real quick!

Now I'm getting desperate because I need to set thing up with someone and I don't know that it will be that easy.

So I returned to the BackPages site one more time. Low and behold, there was an ad from the beautiful houri pictured above.

I think it was her first ad at that site.

What was her headline?

Erotic Massage & Domination!

I visited her real website and was even more impressed. As some will understand, this is a rather odd combination, as many Pro Dommes are not into giving erotic massages. One's first impression would be to think this was just a "hooker with a whip," but think again. She stresses that she does not offer what the escort trade knows as "Full Service." Some of the "fetishes" mentioned in her ad are pretty heavy duty.. not your typical foot, tickle, and teasing fare. And she says in her FAQ that yes, you may touch her while she's massaging you, but you must be respectful about it. From all I could tell, she was legit. And by her photos, she was gorgeous.

So I called her and set an appointment.

Now, I don't do this sort of thing all the time, and no, not because I'm too much a man to need to "pay for it." We men ALWAYS pay for it, one way or another. The main reason I don't to this all the time is because I have a tough time "laundering the money" to engage in this type of pursuit.

Well, the following story constitutes my experience with the beautiful Ms. "Treasure." I wrote it for her to use on her website... a "review" if you will.

I'm not real partial to the idea of males "reviewing" such services, but the women seem to like it and many males demand to read such things, so wrote a long one that should attract the type of clients she wants and discourage the sort she wants nothing to do with.

The untold part of my story; and it must remain untold, is that this young lady told me some amazing things about... Ach! I just can't say it because she didn't give me permission to blab about the subject matter in public. Suffice it to say that she may be able to render the assistance I need in my project, which I would just as soon turn over to someone like her as soon as its up and running.

Gee, and she's only 23 years old, too. With two university degrees, one in marketing. I was not expecting to meet a young woman who possesses all her attributes at the same time: poise; intelligence; talent; skill; beauty; grace; humility; character; personality; morality; knowledge of "interesting" topics; plus being such a way-total "Babe."

I have needed what she gave me for a long, long time; the experience of being alone and naked like that with such a unbridled child of nature, free from any aura of the illicit or forbidden (even though she is more than young enough to be my daughter), intimately touching and talking with her was TOO beautiful. I could really feel the positive energy she was putting (pouring) into me. I still feel
it! But I digress.

Onto the story...

Treasure: a "Guiltless" Pleasure

By KarezzaMagick (A review of his visit on 4/13/2006, 5:30 PM)
Note: I actually wrote this under YANA (Yet Another Nifty Alias)

"Guiltless Pleasure!" That's how Treasure describes what she offers, but I was feeling a little bit guilty when I knocked on her door at 5:20 PM and was informed through the sturdy panel that my appointment was scheduled for 5:30. Would I kindly wait in the lobby for a few minutes?

So I sat in the apartment building lobby, wondering what to expect. I don't do this sort of thing very often, but lately I'd developed an intense longing for a special friend with whom I could totally unwind and be at ease… someone who would treasure me and treat me to some of the pleasures that for every man lie deep within the most hidden parts of his soul.

I found Treasure's ad on the Cleveland Scene's Backpages Adult Services website. "Erotic Massage and Dominition." What a combination!

Like many men, I'm intrigued by the idea of Female Domination, but many Pro Dommes won't let you touch them; most imply that they will not touch you in any "pleasing" way. Also, I wasn't seeking a heavy BDSM scene. What I needed was a wonderful and relaxing sensual massage. I was seeking a skilled and compassionate touch that would soothe me and relax all my work-laden stress as it slowly excited and sensually aroused me, making me ready for the crucial, yet by no means all-important final phase of the session.

I was looking for a Provider who could set me totally at ease, while maintaining boundaries of her own and projecting a sense of self respect, without coming across as overly stern and unappeasable.

I read Treasures' ad: "Is she who I am looking for?

- - - quoting ad - - -

"Let me relax you with the most sensual full body rub down. I promise to show extra attention to all those important parts.
I can also entertain you with a great fetish or fantasy show or complete domination if you dare desire.
Not full service but satisfaction guaranteed. (216) PHONE NUMBER DELETED.

- - - end of quote from ad - - -

I continued reading, pouring over the brief description of Treasure's eclectic mix of services: Sensual Massage; Fantasy Scenarios & Fetishes w/ Massage; and full blown Dominition.

"Who is this Woman!," I wondered.

Three photos exposed more of the story. Treasure is a beautiful, 23 year old Woman of Color, gracefully slender; yet wonderfully round in all the right places. Her photos obscure part of her face, but they exposed enough to prove she is drop-dead gorgeous. Her infectious and mischievous smile was enough to "hook" me!

I clicked on her website link to learn more:
(Well, we can't post web sites here, can we...)

I'll leave you to explore Treasures website on your own. I found exactly what I was looking for there, including notice that if I would treat her with Respect and appreciation, she would take me to the Promised Land.

Treasure's ads and website stress that she does not offer "Full Service."

This didn't bother me at all, for TWO reasons:

1.) Many escorts stress GFE (Girl Friend Experience), but in the end a Provider is not and cannot be your girl friend. In order to function at her chosen profession, she must maintain strong (if somewhat hidden) boundaries. This means there will always be at least a subdued sense of unreality in any paid encounter that includes sexual intercourse or penetration (of her). I mean no disrespect to any escort, but I am extremely empathetic; I can always feel that sense of unreality, no matter how obscure. On the other hand, Sensual Erotic Massage really is a Guiltless Pleasure and a wonderful Gift. If a man Respects the Provider and allows his feelings of appreciation and affection to develop and come out, it can be much more, because the Provider really can be totally at ease with you.

2.) I do not appreciate condoms. In my humble opinion, "intercourse" with a condom hardly qualifies as sex.

And so, at the end of the day that April 13th, I found myself knocking on Treasure's door and getting chided for being ten minutes early.
My watch was slow LOL

Treasure rang my cell phone at 5:25 and asked me to come up to her rooms.

I knocked again on her door and held my breath as it slowly opened into the dimly-lit apartment space.

I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me.

There, peering curiously around the door, was a most comely face, set with beautiful dark eyes and that mystical smile from the photographs. Treasure was far more attractive than even her photos had lead me to believe.

Treasure bade me enter and greeted me with a hug; my heart soared with a mixture of excitement and joy as I felt the warmth of her body and noticed the clothing in which she had chosen to display herself for my introduction to her world of pleasure.

She was dressed in a brief, very silky, white slip-like affair. Ok, call me a barbarian for not having the proper appellation at my fingertips. Was this a "chemissal" or a teddy? Beats me! All I can say is it set off her beautiful, smooth dark flesh in a way that nearly made my eyes pop out. I could feel them!

Treasure guided me to her Massage Chamber, where I was instructed to deposit my Gift onto her offering table. That's what I called it, making her eyebrows raise. Then I undressed and laid down on the massage bench.

Everybody is different, yet we all possess certain similar needs. To me, the experience of being naked in the presence of an intelligent, well-spoken, and affectionate young woman who exercises a compassionate touch that is erotic yet not at all "guilty" is what life should be all about.

Treasure is a skilled masseuse. I really needed that, for I was laden with workaday stress. I found her touch to be affectionate and compassionate, unhurried and extremely erotic, yet totally without guilt or guile. Eventually, when I reached to touch her, I projected my Respect and she didn't register even the smallest tremor or start.

As Treasure continued working on my body, my hands and fingers moved over her, making love to her beautiful young flesh without any sense of pawing or obscene fondling. Because she had wisely made her wishes known in her website words, I avoided her most private places, without feeling anxious, or in any way deprived.

She applied warm oil, which I think I might forgo next time; it was difficult hiding that scent at home! Otherwise our experience far exceeded my hopes. As the session progressed, I was able to open up to Treasure, sharing several intimate secrets and learning a little bit about her.

Treasure and I hit it off very well. By the end of the session, I knew that I wanted to see her again and maybe even let her teach me what the more Dominant side off her soul is all about. In a totally ladylike way, Treasure modestly informed me that as an only child, she's always been dominant and has always taken the lead in her relations with males. For Treasure, entering the Scene -- the world of the Professional Female Dominant -- was simply a natural progression after obtaining two University degrees. Yet Treasure is fond of men and says she needs to keep the massage service because it provides a way for her to offer an affectionate and healing touch. Her next exploration will be into Tantra, she thinks, and she looks forward to mixing her techniques and skills in a way that only an intelligent, caring, and intuitive Woman can.

Smiling up at Treasure, I told her that as I released all my accumulated "stress," I wanted to dedicate that energy to the goal of continuing our affair, getting to know her better in the future, and experiencing everything she could offer me. I let her know how thrilled I was to find her, at long last.

As the "ultimate" moment approached, I contemplated this delicious, nymph-like houri, this comely young representative of the Divine Feminine Force. Without making words in my mind, as I poured out my essence for Her, I focused my Will upon making Treasure a part of my world.

And I have!

KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/14/2006 9:41 pm



Yeah. As you probably know, a "virgin" originally meant an unmarried woman, or a woman who wouldn't marry and give herself as property to a male. Diana the Huntress (also known as Cynthia, and by many other names) was one such.

Intacta was the word used for a woman who had never known a man, as in sexually, as in the intact hymen.

Many virgins have given birth.

No intactas have given birth,

The woman I just wrote about told me she is not married and has no boyfriend at this time. She said she only needs a steady boyfriend in the winter. She says she always must dominate a relationship, although I'm sure she does that in a very lady like manner.

That's why I called her a virgin,

rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/15/2006 4:01 pm


Sounds like a wonderful..wonderfilled experience. Is she..the "She" you have been seeking..wishing..hoping for?



KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/15/2006 7:24 pm

>Is she..the "She" you have been seeking..wishing..hoping for?

If you man as a lover, not exactly, Kissmystuff, although I certainly would not mind; but a 23 year old woman is not likely to seek that of a 53 year old man. But I want her for a confederate.

You see... as I mentioned, as nice as the experience was, it was finding out what she has been into that was almost more 'cool.' I don't mean female dominition or massage, either. I guess I can mention it here because few people are likely to read or 'care.'

Basically, this woman is a brilliant free spirited type who runs her own gig, giving erotic massages, which she says are guiltless pleasures. She doesn't have sex with her clients, she says, because 80 percent are married. She got into the Domme side by herself. I only went for the massage. I will stress that I think that's a pretty guiltless pleasure too. There is something all and all Amazing about this woman, and it's not just that she's very pretty. Pretty alone I see a lot of, but almost never someone like this woman who uses the handle "Treasure," and who has all these other attributes, like good breeding, personality, character, honesty, and knowledge of certain things...


When I arrived, I was going to hand over her "offering" (payment) and she asked me to put it on the table or dresser. Knowing she is also a Domme, and being rather a Goddess worshipper (worship sounds kind or hokey, though), I said: "You want me to put it there on your OFFERING TABLE?"

Wow! She gave a start, then she gave me the strangest look; and she said, "what did you say?"

I repeated: "Put it on your OFFERING TABLE, then?"

She looked flustered, then told me to put, yes, it there.

A bit later, as she was working on my back, we were talking and it came out that she "used to do white magic," as she put it.

She went on, telling me that she had gotten away from it, but I think she wouldn't give out too much information to a total stranger she just met. But I don't know. In other words, I think she wanted to talk about it, but was reluctant to just come out to a stranger and say, "Me? Oh yeah, I'm a practicing witch and blah blah blah."

A bit later she told me she had been working and learning with a really old Puerto Rican woman, I said, "Santa Rea or Macumba or something like that, then?" and she nodded.

She then told me, "When I was doing that, I really had an offering table, that's why I was so shocked when you said that. I wondered how you knew!"

We talked a lot during the massage (I was only there maybe 1.5 hours all told). Tantra came up and she said she was interested in learning and wanted to study it in town, because she couldn't go out of state (FL or CA). There actually is a woman tantra teacher here, who I have met or spoken with a couple time some years back.

When I was getting ready to leave, I joked that I should become her "devotee," and she seemed to think that would be a good idea. Of course I was not quite joking and I think she knew it. I added, "or 'Pet," and she said, "No, devotee would be better; I don't like subservient roles," I'd also told her I am not into the typical "submissive" scene, or the "fetish" scene, I am chiefly interested in a Goddess Revival.

What I really wanted to do was 'level' with her and ask her to run the Tantric Femdom Sex Magick "cult" (TFSM) but I didn't want to seem either pushy or (perhaps) crazy.

But I intend to visit her again in about two weeks.

Must wait that long because "Time" is important too, in seeing what will develop.

In the mean time, I must confess that "we" have actually started out trying to establish the TFSM with online BackPage ad and so forth, and have received interested email from about 65 males -- perhaps 10 are "real interested;" and even two females, one of whom wants to become a Domme, but nobody will teach her.... which is the problem my friend, Goddess Indiana, experienced when she was in CA. She and I were going to start this group when she visited here, but she can't return now, or lend a hand and besides, she is not quite knowledgeable enough, as she willingly admits. And Indiana is not willing to just "jump in."

So "we" has been reduced to "me."

So here I sit, all alone, able to DO (accomplish) amazing things.... BUT, not knowing exactly what to do next. And of course, there cannot be a Tantic Femdom Sex Magick "cult" without a knowledgable woman to lead it. Or at least a capable woman who is willing to learn, using her intuition, etc.

I will say about the "men are better doers; women better at knowing what should be done" thing that I'm pretty sure a woman would never have just set off and started cold up as I have done here... but I really thought the time was right, and when my friend who I have mentinoned before (who I wrote the poetry for) decided to forget about getting divorced for a few years, and we sort of fell out (we're still friendly, but she insisted we had to cool the mutual admiration society we'd had for 5-6 months)... then I found myself back on the track of setting up the TFSM group. While spending time around her, I'd put it on hold, because she's a Christian and had not been wildly excited when I told her we needed to build her a throne, LOL.

I tell you these things because I know you are into "paganism," and perhaps the wiccan sort, though your blog title lead me to think otherwise. I dunno about wicca... started by freemasons who want to rebuild Soloman's temple, etc, etc. I don't really think that's "real" Celtic spirituality ~snicker~. And the Norse Asatru type is, of course, even to the extent it is really "tru" to the old stuff (highly debatable)... if it is, that old Viking stuff was a very attenuated subset of the Northern Ways. I'm both a Celt and a descendent of Rollo the Viking, so I think I can get away with saying that!

Santa Rea, Voudoun, Macumba, now, are real, by which I mean, they have unbroken lines going way back. Of course, I might be more partial to the Northern and Celtic traditions, if the MF Christians hadn't pretty well obliterated things. Nevertheless, if you have read Edred Thorson (Stephen E Flowers') essay, "Secrets of the Gothic God of Darkness," then you are aware that there is another way things may be transmitted, then by finding old books, etc.

I don't think "unbroken lines" are always that important, since Time, Place, and People are the three important variables in such matters. But I still think the latter are more "real" than wicca. Not to offend any wiccans, which I shan't capitalize because I mean it in a blanket way, not just for Gardnerians (or should I say Crowleyians?)

Now I will also confess that the real reason I wanted to visit this woman, Treasure, was because I was looking for someone likely to be interested in the TFSM group thing. I couldn't just run to every escort and erotic massager in town and pay for an hour's time to interview them, although if I was independently wealthy, I might consider that, LOL

So I looked and looked and mulled over the ads, etc. Then when the one I'd decided the seemed most likely prospect... when that fell through, I suddenly stumbled upon this Treasure's ad, which was the first one she'd run where I looked. I'd never heard of her before.

I ask you... What is the chance my of picking Her, just by coincidence? I mean of the twenty or thirty who's ads I have been checking out? I picked someone who would be totally perfect.

The final thing I must add is that I full well understand it's rather unrealistic to expect to approach an adult service provider (of even 'guiltless' pleasures) and just waltz in saying, "Hi, I'm joe blow and I want you to run this Tantric Femdom Sex Magick cult."

But the fact remains that there is definite interest here and in fact, two males have already contributed sight unseen, mainly based upon my "excellent" persuasive writing skills and my ability to craft an intriguing web page presentation.

I'll not tell you about my sure-fire program to finance the 'cult,' save to say that it will work.

At the very least, some of these men will surely be happy to use Treasure's massage service and most will probably go for the Domme service. It's linking it all together, may be tricky. Beause the female leader of the TFSM cult probably ought to be able to instruct her "cultists" in how to perform sex magick, eh?

I would not evern blab on and on about it except I have a stong gut feeling that it can be successfully brought into reality. If only I can learn what must be done next.

Please advise, if you are able, if not, please don't think I've taken leave of my senses. Thanks in advance. I may delete this post after you read it, so maybe cut and past and save it.

P.S. I need to post a story I wrote a couple years back, titled, "The Story of Michelle." Please let me know if any of the above interests you, or do you think I am "stretching."


rm_Kissmystuff 62F
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4/16/2006 5:09 am

I need to contemplate...before I give any information. I also feel a need to say be careful.



KarezzaMagick 65M
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4/16/2006 2:33 pm

Thanks, Kiss. And I read your "Personal Thoughts" blog entry. Know that I don't expect you to give time and life energy to this cause. I do think, however, that based upon our back and forth exchanges and other things I know about you, that you might well have some instinctive idea or even a gut reaction that will be helpful. If so, I will appreciate it. If not, thanks also. - K

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