Poem - In Search of Love  

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2/28/2006 7:18 am

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Poem - In Search of Love

In Search of Love

‘I love you’ it seems
Are words that we need
To hear from someone we know
Their feelings they show

From your mother
Or your father
From your sister
Or your brother

Love of family unquestioned
Never too often mentioned
A love without passion
A love that is lasting

Love from your closest friends
Support without end
You are there when they need you
It’s simple and so true

But between a man and a woman
Love is complex and fluid
Is she a friend or a lover?
Or both?, we’ll discover

So where should it start?
With our lips or our heart?
Should I ask her on a date?
How do I find that soul mate?

Woman to hold close to me
Love of my life, will she be?
What should I look for?
Her body or her soul?

Why do so many good beginnings?
Turn into bad endings?
These questions I ponder
As I look for another

The search is worth it I know
So Tom, get on with the show
Are you out there for me?
Let me know pretty please

I want to love you


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