Little Deuce Coupe  

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Little Deuce Coupe

I was a certifyable car nut in my late high school and early college years. When I got together with my buddies, the conversation always focused on girls and cars.

So shoud it come as a surprise that my two favorite groups in the early 60s were the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. I don't have the vocal range to sing most Beach Boy songs. Brian Wilson's falsetto voice is way too high. But I can sing this one well enough that it always turns heads as you rarely hear Beach Boy songs on Karaoke night.

Little Deuce Coupe - Beach Boys

Well I'm not bragging babe, so don't put me down.
But I've got the fastest set of wheels in town.
When somethin comes up to me he don't even try,
cause if it had a set of wings, man I know she could fly.
She's my little deuce coupe,
You don't know what I've got.

Most people don't know what a deuce coupe is. It's a 32 Ford Coupe. What set it apart from the other cars of its era was its engine.

Just a little deuce coupe with a flathead mill,
But she'll walk a Thunderbird like its standing still.
She's ported and relieved,
and she's stroked and bored,
She'll do 140 in the top end floored.
She's my little deuce coupe,
You don't know what I've got.

The 'flathead mill' was Ford's first V8. For kids wanting cheap horespower in the late 50s and 60s, these 20 year old cars could be purchased for a song, then beefed up to produce additional horespower. Air intake chambers were expanded and polished (ported and relieved). The cylinders were bored out and a new crank shaft was fitted that increased the length of the stroke of the piston (stroked and bored). The combination of the two increased engine displacement, air/fuel compression in the cylinder and of course horsepower.

She's got a competition clutch and a four on the floor,
and she purrs like a kitten till the Lake pipes roar.
If that ain't enough to flip your lid,
then there's one more thing, I've got the big slip daddies.

Of course merely upgrading the engine itself wasn't enough. With all that horespower on tap, the drive train needed to be equal to the force produced by the engine. So a much larger clutch was fitted (she's got a competitition clutch) and the transmission was upgraded from the standard Ford three speed column shift to a floor mounted four speed transmission (and a four on the floor).

Fitting a dual exaust system with less restricted mufflers and a sexier sound (lake pipes roar) reduced restrictions on getting exaust gasses out of the engine, also increasing horespower. Lake pipes were also a cop magnet. Of course all these upgrades would do no good if all the power did was spin the rear tires, so these modified Ford Coupes were often fitted with drag racing slicks (big slip daddies).

And coming off the line when the light turns green,
she blows them otta the water like you've never seen.
I get pushed out of shape and its hard to steer,
when I get rubber in all four gears.
She's my little deuce coupe,
You don't know what I've got.

These modified 32 Ford coupes were formidable street racing machines. When you came up to one in a street race you never knew what you were up against as the extend of modifications were never obvious (You don't know what I've got). John Dillinger, the bank robber, wrote a letter to Henry Ford in the 30s thanking him for producing the Ford with its flat head V8, claiming his modified version could outrun any cop car he had encountered.

To many, myself included, this is the ultimate car song. It reminds me of my college years on the UW campus and all the fun I had during that period.


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