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When I was a young boy I used to enjoy watching "The Invisible Man". It had David McCallum in it, you might remember it. Anyway, I always wanted to have the ability to be invisible. Not for any malicious purposes of course, only so I could hide in the girls' changing rooms at the swimming pool or so I could have a free run in the sweet shop, that sort of thing.
Well, it appears now I've reached 40, my wish has come true!!
I started yesterday in an optimistic mood. Had a bit of a bounce in my step, felt pretty good about things. Every time I passed a girl/woman I thought was attractive I tried to give off a kind of pleasent demeanour, you know, smile, say hello etc.
Didn't have the slightest reaction from anyone, not even a scowl!! I really started to think I was invisible, had to pinch myself a few times. Strange. Maybe it's the Korean reservedness, I don't know.
Anyway, I didn't dwell on it too much. I went about my day, put it down to getting older ( when did that happen!! ) and tried to remain optomistic. It's funny how when you get older that you still see yourself as a young person, you still feel the same. It's only others that bring it back to your attention.
But things did get better. I was on my way home,in an elevator, when a girl got in and gave me a great big smile. Result!
It did get me thinking invisible powers must have worn off!!

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