Mother Moon  

Kaliedascope61 42M
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4/14/2006 5:19 am

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4/18/2006 9:33 am

Mother Moon

Mother Moon

He stood there. Overwhelmed from emotion and frustration, that had forced his body to tremble. He looked skyward, and was soaked from the rain beating down on him.

This is the in between, the middle of everywhere. The chill in morning air no longer bit at him, the numbness will come soon. His tears had been washed away from the downfall, and his heart had disintegrated in the fall out. This once arrogant man fell down to his knees, and begged the mother morning moon to grant the one wish he came all this way to have fulfilled.

Mother moon is deaf to wishes, to prayers, she is constantly turning her back on her sons, and yet they still come to her, they all fall on there knees pleading for her to answer. What made this one so special, absolutely nothing, he was only one in a long line of millions, and long ago the moon stopped answering the worthless wants of lustful and prideful men.

His skyward gaze began to falter as his clinched shaking fists fell to the ground. His eyes soon followed as the moon turned away from him. He looked back up and screamed.

"Why do you come back then?
Why do you listen only to turn away?"

His hoarse voice disappeared into the morning light, breaking into the wind and carried away to a place where all lost words and forgotten cries go. He could not pick himself up, and his body fell limp, passion had left him with nothing. He would forever be only a shadow, another lost son of the mother moon.

ArgosPlumyKooky 46F
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4/14/2006 6:27 am

hmm. . .this gives some food for thought

champagnechaser 42F
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4/14/2006 6:50 am

I give it 2 snaps up, a twist and a kiss

Kaliedascope61 replies on 4/14/2006 10:44 am:
as long as your in strawberry shortcake rollar skates,you can twist and snap all you want to

LustyTaurus 49M
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4/14/2006 1:10 pm

Yep...Great post Kal...but I hope you don't mind...We need your help...




mycin62 55F

4/14/2006 2:15 pm

You write some of the most beautiful and thought provoking things. Just wanted you to know.


Kaliedascope61 replies on 4/14/2006 2:37 pm:
what thoughts did it provoke in you? please let me know, thats the kind of feed back I want.

HBowt2 60F

4/14/2006 3:27 pm

you make her sound so cruel dismissive of us mere mortals....cynical or our worth.....

NSAAddict 43F

4/14/2006 4:34 pm

This made me feel... sadness... hopelessness... despair. Very well written K!

kelly402005 53F

4/14/2006 5:07 pm

You write so beautifully......
but you know I already think that!
Good, my friend!

The pic, I just did that move, dancing to "Unwritten"!
..... Wanna dance?

Have a lovely evening, my friend,

kyplowboy22 62M

4/15/2006 8:12 am

Excellant piece, beau. Sometimes I think we are all just shadows.



4/15/2006 11:50 am

It reminds me of when I was so lost begging, questioning, petitioning the sky. A throwaway with the throwaways. Very dark and truthful.

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Whispersoftly5 53F
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4/15/2006 12:31 pm

That is an incredible writing! You're very articulate, talented and have a lovely way of making words dance and the reader feel it. Reading that brought to mind, for me, feelings of eroticism, loneliness, despair, lust, power and insignificance. Like I said, it's incredible. Glad I stopped by here today - it's lovely. Thank you.


tillerbabe 57F

4/16/2006 11:58 pm

But she shines every night..

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