Supply Side Economics & Oral Pleasuring of Women  

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2/22/2005 9:26 pm

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Supply Side Economics & Oral Pleasuring of Women

Ok! I'm pretty torqued about these ridiculous gas prices (I'm in "Cawli"fornia as the Terminator likes to pronounce it). I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that the oil companies have posted some of the largest profits ever. Not only that, they are deliberately playing with the supply to keep the prices high . . . . they do this by not pursuing the discovery of new oil supplies.

Of course I'd be completely happy if we didn't have to use petroleum based products at all. If I could, I'd be driving a hydrogen fueled car and running my house completely by solar (remember I'm in "Cawli"fornia where it shines 400 days a year). Maybe I need to get laid again!!


Onto another interesting tadbit of info . . . I was in Dallas a week ago for a conference and went to a spa to get a nice back massage and get laid. I'm the type that enjoys pleasuring the other person . . . so I gave her a nice, soft, sensual rubdown and started kissing her body and licking her nipples. I got her pretty heated up before giving her one of my sensational oral treats. She of course has this incredible orgasm (should have seen her stomach twitching and her giggling for almost a minute). Of course I humped her for a good amount of time trying to be sure to hit the top part of her vagina for more wonderful sensations before just about ramming her off the padded table when I orgasmed.

She says to me, "You kill me! This only second one I've had in last three months from customer"! She's Korean by the way. Blew me away! Do guys typically just do the wham, bham, thank you mam thing a lot? Or is it that I have a little extra money to go for the longer sessions and the other guys are trying to get in and out (in more ways than one) in 30 minutes so they pay less?

I've had other women who will just maneuver themselves so they have it right in your face to let you know what they want.

Women? What are your experiences? If you let a guy be selfish, will he?

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