justice in the making  

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2/18/2006 9:05 pm

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justice in the making

This still counts as a Saturday entry, no matter what the list says
I saw something tonight that was quite interesting. Two vehicles were speeding up the road, one behind the other and both were pulled over by a squad car. The car in front was driven by a lady, somewhere in her 30s or so. The rider of the bike, behind her, was a young teen. As the two female officers started questioning the young rider, one of the officers waved the driver away. I'm not even sure what type of inequality this goes under but why is the car driver going free when the rider is probably getting three citations. I look around Bermuda now and I see that although most of these little "shoulda been condom stuffers" ARE asking for trouble. I also see that the older folk are asking for the same amount and type of trouble. Why is there no balance? Even though insurance companies are starting to deny coverage of bikes(thanks to mostly young riders) I'm not sure why some members of our community are getting off easier.


2/19/2006 5:31 am

I wonder if one can consider that age politics????
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