Tuesday's Blahhg  

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4/4/2006 4:31 am
Tuesday's Blahhg

I'm off to a long day of absolutely nothing. Avoiding people can be kind of annoying when you have nowhere to run off to. Equally anoying if they are usually the people you used to hide out with. I figure since I outlasted the theatre showing, bootleg and Canadian versions of Narnia Chronicles until today, I will treat myself to it and hope that it doesn't suck too badly.
I'm also kind of upset that the movie industry has absolutely no fresh ideas on the mainstream markets. If they remake one more movie and expect us not to hae seen it before, I think I'll scream (a manly scream, of course). I'm still waiting for them to put a new name on an actual older movie like the 3 Amigos and try to pass it off as a new film. It will be a bit believable because Steve Martin is really aging well. Poor Chevy Chase and Martin Short.
Speaking of movies, that sounds like a good idea; its almost time for another movie review. Until then, I'm off to hiding. Cheers

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