Plug Unplugged  

KMA5 42M
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8/20/2006 4:10 pm
Plug Unplugged

When the flesh is willing and the juices are flowing, replacing a thumb with a spurting dick is quite easy and most enjoyable: especially when your partner has had no wish for anything butt related. I find it a turn on when having sex doggy style, playing with her asshole makes her push back more and more. I find it even more enjoyable when the penis is taken away and the thumb makes just as much thrust.
If your partner has a true distaste for anal (clenches up and says no when you squeeze her butt too deeply) this is not something that should not be tried more than once a month )depending on how often you have sex). After all, no means no, you sickos
Does anyone else enjoy a little non- scripted ass play?

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