Burch, Dude...  

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5/22/2006 1:24 pm
Burch, Dude...

I read it a few times over the weekend and I still can't for the life of me think of why this lady became so offended. I do understand the unneccessary use of a word born to dicredit a person being brought into the political and media forums and its progression in showing the decline in respect we have for each other as a people but come on... calling them "house niggers" was funny.
I'm refering to an incident which one of our bigwig MPs made on his un-named radio show while he was still a member of the non political community. They kicked him off for not promising to make the budget any less realistic, the guy they brought in promised a better budget and stole a bunch of money while shading the books and now our man is back in office. They must have kissed his ass so much after giving him back his job. The problem now is that he made a comment which must have passed FCC but not UBP regulations and he is being chastised for his calling the couch chafed opposition a bunch of house niggers (and this never came up before he was reinstated).
I'm still reeling a bit from a bout with stomache flu which kicked my ass all day Sunday, so I won't go into that or that I was checked up on because my usual calls of stalking were not made. After I get back on solid foods and off tea and rehydrating fluids (bleh), its back to blogging for me

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