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4/23/2005 2:09 pm

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What was the winning for

Finally, back to home. Got into the house and I try to cook something to eat for. Today is my best friend's birthday (I have only 2 closest friends) and I am so happy. Present ready, clothes ready, smiling face also available, condoms in pocket. So I quess I will just eat a few......that's why I cook...lol..... and leave immediately to go find him, to set up the place we will go to, close tables and drinks.
Well I have many days to go to the night clubs (Don't know if these clubs have a name in English)....the ones were singers are singing live at and you can dance, drink whisky, drop flowers and plates and so on. Greek Dances at all....something like Zorbas the Greek known to all countries around world.
Whatever it will it will be perfect today. Maybe I am so happy for ending the dilema with an Ex (most already know), maybe it is because I am back to my place............!
But whatever I won many at this quick travel to Athens. I did something I have never tried. A funny thing or even something so normal but until now I have never experienced that.
I will be more descriptive about it and I know many will laugh with it, many will say that is unbelievable that I had never tried.
Wait for me and I am back....flying at the sky......going here and there......watch/listen to all and the best of all!
Up the Sky I certainly feel so freeeeeeeeeeee.........totally free.......Wanna shoot me? --------- Try better.
Take care all and have fun all today.....everyday.

Just Me --- EAGLE KK

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