Pain or Pleasure  

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12/7/2005 9:25 am

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Pain or Pleasure

Erotic pain- can conjure many visions. For some it is the inner desire to serve thine Master, accepting His Will and the pleasures He bestows. For others it is the fear of the unknown joys of BDSM.
Whatever your stance, not to know is a place I could never return to.

Sexual arousal is one of our most primeval and basic feelings. It is the basis for which we chose our mate, procreate and reach inner fulfilment.
How many of us never really achieve our full potential to experience the most exceptional levels of enjoyment that are possible. Prepared to accept something that is dissatisfying or just about acceptable. Often prepared to make do with furtive fumbling in the dark, scared to let yourself go for fear that the kids will hear, or being too tired to play due to the frantic pace of life.
Sound familiar???
I never really gave BDSM a thought. The most experience being the occasional smack, bite or dirty talk that accompanied Vanilla sex. However, once set along the path of enlightenment, i surprised myself how aroused i would get whilst trawling the web. Often stumbling upon pictures of bondage, and later actively looking for sites that detailed the nuances of sadomasochism.
Tentative hints dropped to my Hubby (and Master) seemed to raise a spark of interest. He had always had a Dominant side, but it was something He never allowed to flourish.
Friends active on the BDSM scene introduced us to the BDSM Community.
My Master was quick to learn, readily accepting His role, eager to release the beast within. Once out of Its cage, The Beast was hungry for sensation. Seeking the Power, that was His to wield. Knowing that He could take me to new heights, new levels of acceptance and with His training, that is just what he has achieved.

So returning to my opening statement what is Erotic pain, and why do I crave it so badly.
My Master knows that simple looks, smells and sounds will achieve His desire to bring a rush that sets my mind racing, my heart thudding and my juices flowing. My readiness to serve is rewarded by the pain I crave. Pain that’s allows me to fly free from the restraints of life. Relinquishing myself to Him, trusting implicitly, that in this He will honour my body, mind and soul.

The pain of Masters favourite toys: paddle, crop, flogger balanced by the sensuality of touch, feather and softer toys, or the stimulus of cold and heat (ice and wax) versus the E-stim that tantalises the senses with static electricity. These are my rewards for subservience, a privilege bestowed by Master.

Playing at parties enables one to enjoy an experience that is difficult to achieve in real life. The availability of specialist play furniture enables possibilities to experience new heights, limited only by the restriction of ones imagination. Coupled with the atmosphere and company of “like minded” people, the experiences are relived long afterwards.

Master allows us to play if I have been good, or will ensure punishment is tolled for bad behaviour.
Careful preparation is required that includes bathing and attention to presentation. Shaving ones pubic hair to ensure good contact for Masters toys, and maximum visual appeal. Ones attire is carefully chosen to please Master, and show off his possession to its best. Revealing/ sexy, almost sluttish-just as He likes, always easy to remove so that Master can have full access to skin and orifices.
Once ready master will bestow His symbols of Dominance: my collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. Master is ready to play.
Once at our venue, Master leads me in, acknowledging friends, chatting and taking beverages. Master watches me and I respond to Him in the manner that is required. When He is ready He will pick out a place or piece of furniture, to which I will be dutifully bound.
A favourite piece of kit, amongst many, is a whipping chair. Master knows I like this, and if i have been good he will treat me to it. The cold red leather, makes ones skin jump at first contact. The smell of the leather drawn in when ones face is pushed into the required bent over stance. Ankles tethered, wrists, bound, and ass high and exposed.
Already my juices are flowing, the tell tale dampness becomes obvious as Master removes my thong. His fingers linger over the wetness as He whispers how much of a dirty slut I am.. Master prepares me, kneading my ass, massaging and stroking my skin to warm up for the pain that is to come. The anticipation is immense; I try to control my breathing. Quickly I realise that my heart is racing and that I cannot control the sensations that are leading me to lose control. The first thwack of Masters chosen toy contacts my skin. I jolt as the pain bites. Hard stinging blows, interspersed with softer more caressing ones. Master taking me forward slowly, His pace matching my bodies acceptance of his gift. Soon the pain builds to the point that I cannot distinguish where one blow starts and ends. Master knows that the release will come, and that when it does I will thank him for His efforts. Master informs me that my cries have attracted an admiring audience. He knows that this will heighten my sensation and I respond raising my hips, gyrating as he thrusts his fingers deep within my soaking hole. Pain and pleasure conjoined, one mingles with the other till I can no longer separate them. My mind is going blank; the headiness of the sensation is too extreme. Every nerve raw, the heat spreads through my body as the rush builds. I plead to be allowed to cum. The need to orgasm is desperate. Master keeps me going, knowing I will accept more pain. Time passes but serves only to show me that the pain I feel is wanted, craved, like a drug to savour, giving me the freedom to “fly”. Fixated on the warmth that spreads throughout my body, Master finally gives permission for me to cum. When it comes I fall, every nerve on fire. The waves of orgasm roll one after another. The shaking starts to take over as my body spasms. After, I cannot think or move. Master whispers his pleasure, kissing me sweetly, holding me to calm the emotions.
The come down from this endorphin high is slow; I have known it last several days. The welts that result from the physical blows often take longer to disappear, but serve the purpose to remind me that if I am lucky, Master will allow me to fly again soon.

For those lucky enough to have experienced such immense joys of subservience and ones Master’s “Gift”, I smile at you. Knowing that you “know” what I am talking about. For those who have not, I apologise for my ramblings. But inwardly hope you to will one day experience the endless heights of passion that Master has shown me.

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