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"The Moral Purpose of life is to Achieve Rational, Happiness." (Aristotle, Philosopher)

Aristotle advised his pupils to "Define Reality" first, then "Pursue Happiness" as a "Moral Imperative."

He described Four avenues to define reality and pursue happiness:

Spiritual...To understand ones own core beliefs and have "faith" that reality is defined within them.

Cognitive... To understand what is real through observation, experiment, and deduction.

Creative... To define new realities, with Music, the Arts, Architecture, etc.

Sensual... To "Feel" reality, like an animal, to understand the world through your senses, and emotions.

I suggest that a balance of these disciplines will build a "reality" that is the basis for personal happiness. Each of us is obliged to PURSUE happiness, to seek joy and fulfillment for ourselves, within ourselves.

My intent is to encourage and counsel anyone who demonstrates a commitment to seek happiness and success!

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