Thoughts on ass play  

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1/12/2006 7:57 pm

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Thoughts on ass play

I've always enjoyed a fantasy of more ass play than I've ever actually experienced.

It seems that women want to play with a mans ass, but as soon as he seems receptive to it, they back off. Afraid of homesexual tendencies in he man? I dunno.

Once, many years ago while giving me a blow job, my wife licked my asshole and pushed her tongue as deep inside as it would go.

It felt amazing. I have refered to that night several times in the years since, trying to let her know that I liked it and would appreciate another go.

Talking about sex outside of the act itself makes her uncomfortable, but I do it anyway. I'm convinced she stores my comments away for later use when she IS randy.

But so far, that act was a one-shot pony. She'll occasionally tickle or even penetrate me just a little with her finger while we're having sex, but she's definitly NOT interested in anything more than that. No matter how obvious I make it that I am.

As I've mentioned before, I recently bought us each a toy. The website I ordered from was offering a special at the time, and we got a free "bullet" vibrator with our order.

For those who don't know, a bullet is a small vibrator. It's about the size of a Chapstick, but is shaped like a football. It also has a string attached to it.

A few nights after we'd received our toys, I was alone in the house. I decided to watch a porn DVD to while away my alone time. Before too long, I had my sweats pulled down and was slapping my rigid cock against my belly. I LOVE to do that. It's not a particularly sexual feeling, but it feels strong. The loud sound it makes, and the firm virility of my dick turns me on and makes it even harder.

I got up to get my new toy out of the dresser. I grabbed it, and the lube and was turning to get down to business when I caught sight of the bullet laying there in the drawer.

"What the hell." I said to myself.

I took off my sweats and got back on the bed. I left the other toy aside for the time being and just lubed up my dick for the time being. I was slowly stroking myself while watching a black man with a gigantic penis servicing a woman who looked remarkably like my wife when I decided to fire up the bullet.

I twisted it and it hummed to life. A little fast for my liking, but it was free, right?

Enough lube had already run down the crack of my ass, so I just held the bullet in place. Sliding my cock side to side across my stomach as I concentrated on what the bullet felt like against my asshole.

It wasn't bad at all, but it wasn't great either. I applied a little more pressure. It felt better, but still not great.

And then I found out just how relaxed I really was. I suddenly realized that the finger that had been holding the bullet against my asshole was now touching a tightly closed sphincter.

It was gone! Totally inside. And I felt......


I could feel it humming away in there, which wasn't unpleasant. It certainly didn't hurt.

Frankly, I'm starting to get a chubby just writing about it so it must have been pretty good.

All I can remember thinking was (and this surprised me): "It's not big enough".

I've heard that the real pleasure that men receive from anal stimulation comes from contact with the prostate gland. Apparently g-spot vibrators are great for this.

As I get older, I must say: I'm not dreading the prostrate exam the same way many men do. I AM thinking about switching to a female doctor though. After all... if I'm going to get hard.... might as well have someone there who appreciates it.

So, I told my wife about my little adventure. No stranger to me trying anything that feels good, she wasn't disgusted or offended. She also didn't seem real interested in helping me explore the idea much further.

I even told her the bullet was too small.

Those things are only good for clitoral stimulation if you ask me.

She's already not real comfortable with the fact that I can pick out a nice cock from a so-so one. And she knows (but doesn't like to think about the fact) that I'm not against the idea of giving a quality blowjob if the situation demands it.

There are more than a few dicks on AdultFriendFinder I can see us sharing. I could lick her clit or her ass while she rides it. If it happens to pop out, I could dive onto it. Get it all slippery and ready for more and be right there to see him plunge back in.

In other words.... I'm sick and tired of us pretending that we don't want to do this stuff.

We both know we want it. We've both SAID we want it.... and yet when I introduced her to AdultFriendFinder she balked.

I've known she likes girls since before she was ready to admit it to me.

Yet the only time she's acted on it since I've known her was during a seperation we had a few years ago.

I got to hear about it. It was with her HOTTEST friend.

And she now claims she's not interested in doing it again.

Yet girl-on-girl porn is still her favorite.

Anyone who has read this long.....

I thank you and CAN'T WAIT to hear what you have to say.

To all the "viewers" : If you read this far and still have nothing to say.........

You're at the wrong blog.

imBambi 59M/51F

1/12/2006 8:56 pm

AtomicKisss once wrote a blog titled "Why Men Cheat" (dated 8/3/05). In that blog one of the reasons presented was the notion that couples sometimes get locked into role plays. For example, the wife believes that she has to maintain a "Miss Priss" persona and therefore she cannot admit that she would like to do anything kinky. Obviously I do not know your situation, but could this be part of the answer?

Another possibility is that some things are better left to fantasy. In my head, I like the idea of rimming and being rimmed. But in reality, I rarely like to either receive or give. Go figure...

What ever the cause, be sure to let her take things at her own pace.

All the best,
"Mr. Bambi"

KDR305 47M/47F

1/13/2006 1:48 pm

Mr. Bambi~

I'm going to respond to your (very valid) points out of order, so bear with me.

I completely agree that some things are better left in fantasy-land. I think that's a big reason I'm enjoying my time on the blogs so much. I can be myself, but test the waters and push my own limits with a hefty dose of anonimity. Would I really want to do many of the things I SAY I want if the time came? I dunno. Most of them, I think.

But for a lot of them, many unrealistic conditions would have to be met first.

In the meantime... I get so much pleasure from the fantasies that I really enjoy pushing my limits. Sometimes I'll think about something that wouldn't normally turn me on, just to see if I can find a way to work it so it does.

Don't misunderstand me.... I'm not talking about children or animals here. Or even BDSM. For me it usually about the Who, When and Where. That's what makes my fantasies hot to me.

As far as the "role playing" or "Miss Priss" persona you refered to, no that's not it. My wife loves sex, and she isn't shy about getting it the way she wants it, when she wants it.

She just HATES to talk about it. She doesn't like to talk during, and she REALLY doesn't like to talk about it during daily life.

I on the other hand (no surprise here) like to talk about it a lot. I like to tell her about things she did or how she looked. Not all the time, but especially the day after a particularly good night I like to tell her how I re-lived the experience in my head all day long.

For me to hear something like that would put me on cloud nine. It just annoys her most of the time.

I'll give you an example: Say we're watching a porno. If the scene we're watching is particularly hot, and especially if it's something we've never done together (like 2 couples) I'll often say something like: "Damn... doesn't that look FUN?"

And without taking her eyes off the screen, she will simply nod and go "mmmmmm".

I hope that helps clarify it a little. It's not really a complaint, it's just an area where I'd like to see us get a little bit closer.

And I would never try to rush her or push her into anything.

For the record... she knows about my blog, although she hasn't read any off my posts yet. I think she's nervous about what kind of filth I'm spewing on here.

So far, the only things she's read are Methodman's story "The Plumber" and your well-wishes in regard to her broken rib.

Thanks again for that BTW.

I have a feeling she'll peek in from time to time until she realizes what a great group this is, and then hopefully she'll join in the blogging.

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