Ushflay on the Itletay (but now preservedeth in this way)  

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9/7/2006 1:10 pm

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Ushflay on the Itletay (but now preservedeth in this way)


Sans Dookie

On a whim on 06-17-06 I temporarily changed my blog title to Sans Dookie even though what that still unupopular catch phrase of my own design implies is not quite true considering my blogs content. But it's the spirit that counts anyway.

And just to be difficult, annoying and pompously non-conformist I will leave up the old "takes itself too seriously" info placard for the Derailed Gravy Train of Eros.


At his core the mythic Eros personifies our own root creativity which is no different from or separated in any way from the creativity which allowed and guided physical matter itself into first forming. We literally are that process which in its own way has no real beginning and no final ending.

The physical universe was borne out our own first dreams of it being born. Out of our desire to see our own creation from many different perspectives.

All physicality is rooted in and borne out of this type of desire.


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out with the old, in with new doodoo!


everynormaldayus 49M/45F

9/7/2006 5:25 pm

are you okay?


9/7/2006 11:22 pm

I can take that question in so many different ways I'm not certain how to answer it.

But from any of them which might really matter and might be relevant to you or to myself I can only say yes.

I'm just trying to be disciplined in throwing some stuff out here. That's not one of my good skills and I tend to hang on to too many things for way too long.

I flunked Emptying Your Trash in a Timely Manner 101 three times so what you see going on here is simply me seeing if the fourth time is truly the charmer.

I have heard a brilliant stategy for room/house cleaning in areas which never seem to be able to get thoroughly cleaned out. That stategy is not to just slowly clean portions on an area.

Which is the approach I have been taking and what tends to happen with that is I end up simply shifting things around a bit without really "getting the roots out" if you catch my drift.

But the new strategy involves removing everything from the structure which houses it. Sorting through it outside of the context of where you had it all rat packed away. Then only bringing back your bare essentials while also making a supreme effort to truly junk the junk.

I'm not neccesarily doing that exact approach with my blog but I am with my physical living spaces and with own mind as well. So whatever BS might now be appearing at the front end of my blog is definitely connected to that but will not always be an exact symbolic replica of it.

Right now though if it does appear to be a general, disorganized mess that would be an accurate symbolic replica.


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