The Next 25 (Lisztomania cont.)  

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12/21/2005 9:04 pm

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The Next 25 (Lisztomania cont.)

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I had a few requests for more of this nonsense so here it is again in it's full glory.

The Next 25 (a continuation of Lisztomania )

25. I sound like the monster from Young Frankenstein when I'm having sex

24. If I try sleeping with any clothes on I'll always take them off while I'm asleep.

23. I like to have sex on all major holidays and get annoyed if my partner isn't "on board" with this celebratory concept.

22. I like women who get struck with uncontrollable sexual urges while out in the beauty of nature.

21. I don't enjoy it when I feel my partner (or a potential parner's) attention is sucked up by something other than me (when my attention is on her that is) This can frequently make girls who have kids a rather tough sell for me. But if you do have them don't immediately think that I'm a lost cause for you.

20. I commonly make odd and repetive "weird sounds" when I am alone.

19. I frequently crack up out loud to my own jokes that I tell myself mentally whilst alone.

18. Due to the last two items my direct neighbors think that I am absolutely and completely insane.

17. I have ruined 5 television sets by doing odd things to them whilst watching porn. Someday I may actually be electrocuted or crushed from "wrestling" with them.

16. I love girls who are bonafide trained dancers because

* they can far outpace any average stripper in the amounts of extreme physical acts that they can perform without even breaking a sweat

* they are way limber

* they've got rhythm like you would not believe

* they've got a great ear for music

* as a general rule they are "arts oriented"

* they truly appreciate the fact that I'm not a homosexual

* as a general rule most of them seem to like me

* it seems that _all_ of them that I've met have what I would call a "healthy appetite for sex"

15. I can't stand stagnant air and keep a strong fan running and a window cracked even in the coldest times of the year. (this is an artifact of my old oil painting and "rock candy" making days when good ventilation was truly a life or death matter)

14. I love "alarm clock" blowjobs

13. I would love to design a whole house with a woman that was entirely conceived to optimize sex and lovemaking in every room of the whole house and not just in the bed and bathrooms. Home depot here we come!

12. I would also like to take similiarly optimized sex vacations with a suitable partner. With an emphasis on outdoor locations.

11. I believe that with good teamwork and great communication all imaginable sexual heights can be topped and then some.

10. I once spent 3 months at a residential hardcore tantric yoga bootcamp. But no sexual activity whatsoever was allowed. Not even masturbation. By threat of manditory expulsion if this rule was violated. Sounds contradictory but isn't if you really understand what Tantra is.

9. I am a lifelong collector of and grower of both ornamental and cermonially used sacramental cacti. As was my grandfather.

8. My brother and I used to swallow air, hold it down without burping it up and let it fully digest so that we could have farting competitions when we were kids. For some reason we never got into "blue flaming" though.

I think it's cool though when a girl knows how to "blue flame". It shows she's got "spirit".

7. I also love girls who dig the Three Stooges. They are quite a rarity but they do exist.

6. As mentioned in my profile ...,.I am the polar opposite of a "cars and sports" guy.

5. I drink approximate one gallon of milk per day. (and I'm lactose intolerant) {just joking}

4. I want to try having sex in a hammock

3. I've never had sex in a water bed

2. I only like dominatrixes who do exactly whay I say

1. I'm really just a diehard romantic who's stubbornly on a futile wild goose chase in search of my mythic soulmate.

PS. I also think that girls with a lot of horseriding experience are way cool. "rough riders" if you will. (Bull riding experience is even better though)


duststormdiva 52F
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12/22/2005 12:13 am



mysteriesofme 45F

12/22/2005 12:26 am

Laughing.. oh I like the three stooges.. actually.. they are like one of the only shows that makes me laugh. I am still trying to stay in a hammock.. then I'll manage trying to have sex in one.. lol
And I use to collect cacti - Long story.. maybe I'll blog about it one day. As far as #10 - I'd love to go, but I would most definately be kicked out.. I will prove it soon.. lol


12/22/2005 12:32 am

DSD wrote...intriguing!!

whether it is or not I'll take that as a big compliment

I figure this list should really do the job of chasing off the true non contenders quite well.


widowsaddiction 48F

12/22/2005 8:37 am

I loved this list even more than the first! You are truly are fabulous!!

It's so interesting to me that the things about ourselves that we find boring, disgusting or just plain crazy.......other people can't wait to hear. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

rm_corezon 54F
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12/22/2005 10:20 pm

I must say I am just left with a lingering curiosity about exactly what you are doing to your TV's...


12/30/2005 4:28 am

hey widowaddiction,

So glad that you enjoyed it. My main criteria for adding some to thje list on this was if it made me laugh. So lucky for me there are otheres out thee who find the same things laughable.



12/30/2005 4:35 am

hey tennis maiden,

thanks for the warning about the milk drinking around open flames

I lived in Denmark for awhile and every year they have a few dung silos blow up there due to the methane gas that concentrates at the "rocket tip" top of the silo.

I think the chinese get historical credit for first developing the rooket but I could not help but think, after hearing what can happen with that gas in a dung silo, that some old Danish farmer at least had the idea first after seeing one of his silo lift off the ground and trvel skyward only he never got credit for the idea.



12/30/2005 4:41 am

Hey Corezon,

I must say I am just left with a lingering curiosity about exactly what you are doing to your TV's...

for awhile it looked as if nobody was going to mention this.

and then you had to come along

I'm too embarassed to say but just start using your imagination. You'll most likely be correct about most of the things that you might imagine.


_Safira 54F
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1/9/2006 12:27 pm


I have many items to check-off your list, most especially:

1. When I am with someone they have 100% of my attention. Doesn't matter who it is, and my sons know this. They don't call unless it's an emergency, and my mobile telephone has a separate ring for just those occasions.

2. I took ballet and jazz for thirteen years, and tap for five years. I also did a couple of years in the "modern" form of dance; plus I was a drill team capitan in my youth. (High kicks for Hijinks, Anyone?)

3. I lived in a firestation for quite some time. In addition to being a lifelong Stooges' fan ... I actually LIVED the Stooges while in that place. Blue flamers? Dude, haven't you seen where I've posted that all firefighters are latent pyromaniacs?

4. I'd rather have a cactus than a house plant. I have always felt this way.

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