The Bermuda Toilet Triangle Part 2  

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1/16/2006 12:16 am

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The Bermuda Toilet Triangle Part 2

Consensus Reality

For spiritual growth orieted initiations North (Central and South) American Indians will go out alone into the wilderness where the consensual reality of the tribe will not exert such a strong effect. And in that wilderness and in that isolation our young braves experience energies and realities quite different from that experienced by the native nation as a whole.

Long before our current everyday civilization that we all share now existed (and i'm referring now to both natives and newcomers) much of the area now considered "the Bermuda Triangle" was dry ground and largely "waste" - a desert where the shamans of the time went to conduct spiritual initiations. If you check current maps now it is again a wasteland only of water.

When out of sight of land you are , in effect, out of touch with your fellow mans consensual realities. Specifically in areas of many an American desert there are the equivalents of what can only be called (for the sheer lack of any better words) "bridges to other realities".

Normally realites are quite "level" and yet there are areas where events simply "jump the tracks to somewhere else" - so to speak. If you hit the right spot at the right time it is as if there is a black hole in time itself.

A plane going into the "Bermuda Triangle" under such conditions would not notice anything out of the ordinary for such anomalies (which also commonly produce most shamanistic phenomenon in certain "holy" spots) do not usually register any odd readings on traditional scientific instruments.

From the pilots point of view they flew their missions successfully and landed as usual at their target locations. Only those target locations were of a different parallel reality and in the reality that we all know and share they never did return.

These types of events are much more common than is commonly thought and many individuals here at A-FF have indeed disappeared from what they thought was their own past history. And they are still being mourned in that past that they escaped and their faces adorn various milk cartons back there only they now still consider themselves quite alive in this particular parallel reality.

The final climactic episode of this will be coming soon.


_Safira 55F
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1/16/2006 5:53 am

And so we wait ... Thank you.

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mysteriesofme 45F

1/16/2006 7:00 am

are you also referring to yourself?

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