Waking Up Early  

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4/26/2006 1:47 am
Waking Up Early

I never get used to waking up before the alarm goes off (4:30am). I think that I'm missing my sleep. I like sleeping it's , well relaxing. There was a time though that I would wake up before the alarm and I didn't mind it. I was seeing this woman and it was very uncanny that we would wake up at the same time, in different houses. Sometime we would call each other and other time we would just talk about it during the day. even our friends would ask us separately what time we woke up and were amazed that it was within 5 minutes of each other. We tried a couple times to get together that early in the morning, but she had her obligations at home and at the time so did I, But the few times that it did work out, what can I say, That time was sheer extacy. Wether it was the forbidden passion, or the thought of getting caught, or even the connection between us. I have to say that that was unboubtably some of the hottest, most explosive climaxes, and best sex I've ever had.
Circumstances and life what they are, we drifted apart. At first we would see each other at the grocery store and talk, but the silences became awkword and I started looking for her car to make sure she wasn't there, just so it wasn't so awkword for either of us. Because most of the time her boyfriend was with her and my son with me. Now we only see each other in passing. we happen to take the same road home in oposite directions, about the same time every day. No we don't wave, I'm not sure her new boyfriend doesn't really approve.
This woman I believe is actually the reason that I have my son. My wife at the time went on a shopping trip out of state. Yup you guessed it. This woman came over and we were all over each other for 2 of 3 days. The last day we just talked and cuddled on the couch. Enjoying just being together.(Please don't laugh) I believe that since I had been thoroughly drained for the 2 day prior, when my wife got home and jumped me she recieved a fresh and really potent batch of baby maker.
I Keep this women close to my heart thought I don't contact her anymore. I've tried to send a card, but loose my nerve. I don't want her to think that I'm after something, I would just like to say Hi and that I still think of her fondly. Maybe someday I'll work up the nerve.
Have a great day!!

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