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Yesterday I came home from work early to get cleaned up to make a couple of appointments. My sister-in-law was here cleaning up. Now shes not bad looking for 50+. Anyway I get in the shower and hear her in the other room doing what she does. No big deal Right, That's what i think. So I finish my shower, towel off and start dressing. (I'm no greek god when it comes to looks, I've been working out trying to get in shape,I'm close to where I want to be but I 'm not there yet). So I get a bright or dumb idea depending on how you look at it. I open the door and see her in the hall way with her back to me. at this point it only have my undies on. I slip up behind her, grab her hips and start kissing her neck. I get a supprise when she leans back into me and says that I shouldn't be doing that. Well not getting to much resistance I slide my hands up her sides and wrap them arouns her reather large breast and give them a gentles squeeze. She lets out a soft moan and tries to lean in closer and almost throws me off balance.
Still kissing her neck with small kisses and nibbles and squeezing her breast in time to her breathing, feeling her nipples get hard. I'm supprised when she repeats that I should stop as she grabs me by my swollen handle. (I almost came on the spot). She then turns around and we start kissing on the mouth ramming our tongues in and out of each others mouth, Groping at each others like teenagers. I finally manage to get he top off and the armor plating she calls a bra and move to one knee and start sucking her breast. Ya the are huge and yea they sag a bit, but not too bad and with nipples like pencil eraisers. Sucking her nipples she grabs my head and shudders, then says again I have to stop. as her breathing get more and more heavy and faster.
I unfasten her jeans and slide them down over her hips and off her legs. Still on one knee I stick my nose into her bright red glistening bush and shove my tongue into the crack. She grabs my head and pulls me up to my feet then slides my underwear off, and start to jack me. To keep it hard I guess. Both standing I lead her into my bed. Lay her down and move over top of her. I start caressing her naked legs and move up over her hips and stomach, I start kissing her breast again and move down to the stomach and as I get Almost between her legs she tries to pull me back up. I just look at her, Smile and shake my head and keep moving south. Her bush is trimmed, not nearly as wild as I first thought. I lick the outside a few times first then plunge my tongue inside her, Licking and sucking her swollen clit, listening to her moan. I reach up from under her legs and pinch her nipples lightly at first then as her moans get louder so do the pinches. She must not of had this done to her for some time, cause it didn't take long and she had vice like hold of my head with her thighs and was groaning and grunting in extacy.
I looked up after she pulled my head up by my ears and smiled with my wet chin(I like doing that). She tried to return the favor my taking me into her mouth and sucking on my member, but this didn't take to long, I don't believe she's had enough practice at this either, Too much teeth.
While still on my back, I pulled her up and had her mount me (big girls must get deeper penetration this way). She started bouncing up and down wildly, I placed on hand on her hip to slow her down and slid two fingers into her slit to play with her clit I admit, I came first, But I did keep it up until she got another one.
We laid together for a few minutes snuggling, never saying a word. She finally got up and went to the bathroom , I got back into the shower to clean-up and make my appointments.
I went to kiss her when I left, and she pulled away from me and said not too, then smiled and said thank you.
Hope you day goes as great as mine did yesterday

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6/1/2006 6:08 am

Justa Guy,

That's HOTT!!

I think it's time for Mr.Bambi to get awakened by Lady Bambi>LOL

He'll thank you later I'm sure.

Lady Bambi

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