Hot, Sweaty and Hungry  

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4/24/2006 3:53 am
Hot, Sweaty and Hungry

Well after a break I'm back, But I wouldn't say I was renewed or refreshed. While I was away, I did what I really shouldn't have, but found it utterly enjoyable. I'm talking about Pizza and junk food. I ate way to much of it, but only slept in late 1 day (wish it could have been more). Worked alot of hours (had 40 hours in 3 days) which will look good on the pay check, until I start paying bills. Isn't that the way it always goes though? Good thing I take 10% of my gross and put it into a very limited access savings account. I call it my decadent vacation fund. It pays for my son and I to live like kings for two weeks every couple of years at our favorite overpriced amusement park!
As far as being hot, sweaty and hungry this morning. I started a new work-out this morning, 6-weeks to a leaner you. Yes I got it out of a magazine(april 06 m&f). Says the key is intensity. I must have been intense cause I ran outta gas at the end and was starving. It changes the routines every week for six weeks so that by week six your working out every day (yippie). I'll also be riding my stationary bike for an hour every night. I'm hoping that this program works, as my Birthday is comming up soon and I'd like to see my 2-pak be a 6-pak by then. As far as the diet aspect goes, it will be 2-3 bowls of cereal and a decent meal every day (hopefully). Plus my suppliments ( hoodia and a fat burner) and multi vitamins.
Have a great day!!

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