Frustration Factor  

JustaGuy40-1 56M
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7/14/2006 2:19 am
Frustration Factor

My frustration factor is getting really high. With doing all the paperwork for my building permits and trying to get that done and meet with sub-contractors, plus make sure I get this all completed before the snow flies. Now I get my Aunt's (not related) grand-daughter over last night to have a look at her car that's acting up. Nothing like having a tight-skinned 25 year old standing around with a crop-top with out a bra and pasted on jeans asking to help a sexually frustrated old guy what she can do to help. I had her sit on the other side of the car. Don't get me wrong She's very pretty and sweet, but I don't need the headache of a all out family war even if she's not related to me.
Anyway it turns out her car is over-heatingand the front tires are bald. So I rotate the tires and get the good one on the front, use the pressure washer to wash off the radiator that was filthy. Then checked the radiator which was empty. After filling it, I told her to have the engine pressure checked for leaks and sent her on her way. (mostly because I was tired and begining to stare at her perky little breast and fantisizing about tasting them). I must be a Dirty old man now. Something I was trying to avoid.
Well Great day to all!

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