This is my hobby!  

Just_a_Scorpy 37F
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6/24/2006 12:23 pm

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12/4/2006 1:22 am

This is my hobby!

I really like it with financial whims, but more important 4 me is the pleasure. If I don't like somebody I have the courage to say no and to search forward...

rm_alexalin86 32M
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7/20/2006 2:11 pm

Yeap,i totally agree.I can say that i hate investing time in a relationship if it doesn't take my anywhere.

rm_jo_dancer1 52M

8/5/2006 7:11 pm

yeeeee - i know romania and some romania girls - al them are looking after her financial advantage - but they dont lookt to the pleasure of the "dayly / weekly" boyfriends.
not often i met a girl who was interested to care abaut me like a weekly boyfriend.
but also i had really great, sweet and also sexy meetings - and this girls i prefer to meet often if i am in ro.
and to this girls i am more generous -
perhaps i will have to chance to meet "Just_a_scorpy" too - i thinks she is also one of this sweet girls - which i will meet often.
i knwo her personal.

Just_a_Scorpy 37F

8/11/2006 3:29 am

Really sorry, Jo_Dancer1, but this is me, I don't like serious relationships. I have my own life, my son, my job and if I would have a relationship I should have enough time 4 my partner. But, unfortunatelly sometimes I don't have enough time 4 me and 4 my son, workin' too much. And it wouldn't so fair to torture another person... This is me! I'll got married maybe after 80 years old... who knows...

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