Early Morning Mountain  

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7/31/2006 12:54 pm
Early Morning Mountain

I quietly step out onto the porch, it is still dark but sleep once again evades me. Night after night I awaken for reasons unknown. I sit and stare into the clear sky. Staring at the stars and the milky way as it spreads out before me.

It is nice to see so many stars. I missed this living up in the city. The temperature is just right. The humidity is low and gentle breeze is blowing. The occasional low pitched tone come off the wind chime hanging in the yard. I have my first mornings smoke and coffee at four. The crickets remind me it isn't time to rise yet. I ignore them.

It is a perfect time to think. Alone, in the dark, with just me and my mind. No distractions to interrupt, the flow of thought. Sometimes it is things to do, a list of the honey do's I have to do. Other times it is reflection on the day before or the life that I weave.

An hour passes and a foggy, misty, cloud begins to emerge. the first hint of daylight is just starting to pierce the night. A light blueish-gray on the distant horizon. Out of nowhere clouds begin to develop in the sky, raising to meet the rising sun. A pale pink begins to layer the clouds in the sky.

The hurtful cry of a mourning dove slowly fills the air. So alone and lonely they sound, yet I know the feeling well. As the first yellow and oranges coat the horizon and clouds, the other birds chirp ringing their welcome of a new day. Martins take flight, swooping and diving almost aimlessly in the sky.

This is a morning on the mountain.

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