Isn't it lovely?  

JustKitt 52F
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8/17/2006 3:03 pm

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8/21/2006 2:39 pm

Isn't it lovely?

One of my favorite smells is grass after a storm. Everything is clean and fresh.

The sun shines brightly, and all of the creatures who had run for cover, now peek their heads out, and venture into their familiar territory.

It's invigorating.

I find myself swathed in the warmth of security. Friendship from all around. Love, from those I didn't even know cared.

A storm, even when it is just a blip on the weather radar to some, can devestate some. It can renew others. It can irradicate. It can cleanse. It's all in how we choose to see it.

Do we look at the puddles, and see the murky water as a dirty, ugly thing? Or do we look at them as new sources of life, and sustainance?

Rain is life-giving. Sunlight is life-giving. I choose to believe the storm I passed through was a catharsis.

But I'd prefer not to do it again.


computerfixr 59M

8/19/2006 10:01 am

Wow, that is about all I can say about your writings. I gues my vocabulary is limited after thinking about some of your thoughts and some of your stories. I do know that I love storms, especially with the wind blowing and the trees bending. So much of a greater power just teasing me with a glance at its strength. I know that I will be checking back for all your writings for I do enjoy them. Erotic stories well written are, to me, better than those intro video on here. Keep it up and I know I will keep it up.

JustKitt replies on 8/20/2006 8:50 am:
Well, thank you.

I try to exercise my brain as often as I can.

It's cliche, but to me, the brain is the largest and most sensitive sexual organ. Stroke my brain, and you'll have me in the palm of your hand.


rm_gerson42 53M
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8/20/2006 10:35 pm

That was beautiful! Thank you.

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