I want a man...  

JustAnotherDavid 58F
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7/7/2006 7:37 am

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7/18/2006 9:18 am

I want a man...

I thought I had a man, that's why I haven't been around. His name wasn't David.

One morning last week he had his fishing clothes on. I made him make a choice between having sex with me again or going fishing. We had sex and I sent him on his way fishing with a smile on his face.

But it took a little too long for him to decide. I need a man who doesn't have to think twice about wanting to be with me.

Next please.


buddhamike 107M
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7/7/2006 8:23 am

You set yourself up for a fall if you want a man who will drop everything any time you want his attention. That wouldn't be a man,it would be a pet.

SirMounts 104M

7/7/2006 8:44 pm

Yeah, a girl should watch out if a Man hesitates at all about having sex right away. *winking*
Welcome to blogging, JustAnotherDavid. *smiling*

JustAnotherDavid 58F

7/7/2006 9:24 pm

Budd, I don't want a pet. I do want a man with the right priorities.

Sir, you know tour priorities.

SirMounts 104M

7/8/2006 1:09 am

Why, thank you so much, Just. *smiling warmly*
I try... and even succeed, on occasion. *winking* lol

rm_imabx 64M

7/9/2006 4:10 pm

Good evening JAD,

With out being there the rest of us can not make an honest appraisal. I can say that if I was there the fishing pole would have gone in the corner. (immediately)!! Was he late? Were people waiting for him? A small part of me agrees with bud. Do you really want a lap dog??? Is that what it takes to be a GOOD MAN to you. Have you "NEVER" left a friend or lover because of other obligations??? I know I have. Sometimes you can not do everything you want. Again,, without being there??? And please,, get over this dave thing. I told you before " A rose is a rose by any other name is a rose. If you think that just because your name is Dave you are wonderful,, boy do I have a guy for you. You have to do what makes "YOU" happy. Weather his name is Dave or ????. If you are a good person it should not matter what your name is. Well with that I will let you go. I do hope you find what you are looking for even if his name has to be Dave. Have a wonderful evening.


JustAnotherDavid 58F

7/11/2006 5:58 am

Obligations. Bob? The fish couldn't wait a couple hours to get caught?

DaveBabee 61M
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7/15/2006 5:28 pm

My names David and I dont fish...nor does sex take a back seat to sports...or the buds....or racing...or hunting....or Mom.... or the dog.... hehehe...
Sorry...dont know the guy but...what a maroon...

leo_tron 61M

7/17/2006 4:37 am


I am not David.

Fish woud be waiting a long long time

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