The seriousness of it all...  

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7/18/2006 5:00 pm

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The seriousness of it all...

I was told today that I was way to serious about sex. That is probably true, but why would I not be? Sex, more than the physical act of fucking, is the most intimate and personal thing you can share with another person. I'm not sure that I could treat such a beautiful gift from a woman in a triteful way as to belittle what she has offered. Of course it's serious.

"No", I was told, "You are missing the point. Sex should be fun."

Playing a game is fun. Sex should between strangers is not fun. It is intense... it is exciting... and if done correctly... it is fulfilling a deep seated urge to be needed and wanted by another person, if only for a moment in time. I don't play games with how others feel, nor is it a game to me.

"You are scary"

Okay, here's the deal....

I travel around the world alot on business, and my chosen livelihood really doesn't permit me to have an on-going meaningful relationship with one woman. That does not mean I wish to become a eunich, nor does it mean that I would be satisfied with the typical "casual sex". What I am searching for is passion.

What is passion to me? Passion to me is when you let your emotions flow through you. It comes out in a look, a touch, a feeling that two people share in a brief moment. It is being able to lose yourself in someone totally and completely, wanting to hold her, fill her, satisfy her every need, want, and desire.

I derive as much enjoyment from providing pleasure as I do from receiving. I never put myself or my needs before the woman I am with. I enjoy the little things and think they are important. Touching, caressing, kissing. Passion is not a thing that you do, rather, an attitude you possess.

Maybe that's scary to some.... but that's what makes it exciting.

Just my opinion...


7/18/2006 5:39 pm

Nothing wrong with your outlook on sex darlin'. Actually, it's rather refreshing.

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