Men Vs Women on Sex  

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6/6/2006 12:51 pm

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Men Vs Women on Sex

Top things a man wouldn't say about sex, and top things a woman wouldn't say about sex.


5) Not right now, I'm watching "The View"

4) Honey, I think it would be sexy if you wore your grandma's nightgown to bed tonight.

3) Not tonight, I have a headache.

2) (before first time of sex with new partner) I'm not very good at this, but we can give it a try if you want.

1) Jeez! Put some clothes on!!!


5) It's ok that it's only 3 inches long, it's still cute.

4) Sure, we can video tape it for your friends to see later.

3) NO. NO. NO. I insist you roll over and go to sleep, I don't want you to lose your sleep by cuddling.

2) So. Do I remind you of your ex in this neglige'?

1) No. Honestly. 5 minutes is plenty for me.

Just4FunWithU35 47M
1 post
6/7/2006 5:28 pm

Hope you like these. If you have any others, feel free to add them in a comment.

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