Great Breakfast.. tehehe  

JuicyNVoluptuous 45F
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9/10/2006 12:34 pm

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Great Breakfast.. tehehe

I met my 10th AdultFriendFinder guy yesterday morning. We've been chatting online and via phone for about a month. We've cammed together and when he told me he was rolling through town I could not say no to a visit.

He arrived on my doorstep at around 5 a.m. I answered the door in a long black tank top that barely covered my ass (no panties because I do not sleep in panties). I was sleepy but woke immediately when I saw him. He is tall 6'4, muscular, very dark and my gods he smelled so goood. He gave me a huge hug and a very deep kiss, he also made a point to spank me on my bare ass and comment about no panties. I asked him if he wanted some coffee and he laughed. "I didn't come here for coffee" He goes to sit down on the couch and pulls me into his lap, straddle him. We kiss and fondle one another. His hands are massaging and squeezing my ass. His dick is super hard. In between kisses we make comments about sex. How I like it, what he is going to do to me. He pats my ass and spanks me lightly on the cheeks, talking about how fat the ass is and how badly he wants to fuck it. "You've teased me for a month girl, Im gonna fuck you until you cry". I snicker at his comments. I get up to walk into the kitchen to get a drink of water. He pulls me back down into his lap, now my body laying over his lap. He rubs my ass, spanks it hard and rubs it again. I squeal. He spanks me again this time harder, I cry out. He spreads my ass cheeks and spanks my pussy. It stings... the pussy is wet and he slaps it again. I wiggle and cry out, tears are in my eyes. I look up at him and he kisses my eyes. "You wanted this right, don't be all talk now" and he spanks my ass again. He presses his body against me, his hard cock pocking near my ass crack. He kisses my cheeks, his tongue trailing back into the crack of my ass. I push my ass into his face. I squirm. I beg him to fuck me. He laughs. I beg him some more. I want him to fuck me hard. I am hot, wet, horny as fuck. He teases me with his cock head. Trails the tip near my ass crack, drags it down to the pussy, dips it into my pussy I suck in my breathe and he pulls it back out. I push my hips towards him. I want him. I want his cock in me. He spreads my ass cheeks, spits in his hands to rub moisture on his head and pushes his dick into my ass. "What the fuck!" I cry out. It hurts. His dick is so big I didn't expect it to hurt so much since I love anal. He grips my hips and pushes into me hard. He pulls out slowly until the tip is near the hole and then pushes into me again. I moan and cry out. He does this a few times until I moan and push back into him, he starts building up a rythym and fucks me in my ass, my body responding. I love it. He is so nasty. He spanks me as he fucks me. I push back into him as hard as he is fucking me. He loves it. He calls me his whore and then slams my ass as he shoots a huge wad of cum into my asshole.

We move from the couch to the bed. I lie down as he licks up the cum dripping out of me. He kisses me. He tastes like me. I love it. He spreads my legs and gently pushes his dick into my pussy. We fuck tenderly. He licks and nibbles my nipples. I bite him on his neck. He gently fucks my pussy, my body responding. I grind up into him. He pulls out of the pussy and sticks his cock in my ass. I moan out. He caresses my ass with his cock. He gently fucks my ass like a pussy moaning, telling me how he wants to stay in my ass all day. I giggle my body loving him inside me. We change positions as I crawl on top of him. My tits in his face as I push my ass down onto his cock. I ride his dick with my ass. He grips the cheeks as we fuck. I am about to cum and he whispers that he wants me to sit on his face and drip my cum into his mouth. I am almost there, the ass wants to explode... I begin to tingle and pull him out of me, I crawl up onto his face as he grips my cheeks his mouth chomping down on my pussy. He sticks two fingers in my ass as he eats my pussy to explosion. I can barely sit on his face I am cumming so hard.

I collapse next to him. He kisses me hard on the mouth. We are both tired. it's about 7 a.m. he has to be gone by 12. I don't care. I snuggle into his arms and we kiss. He tells me I am amazing and that he wants to see me again. He comments on my skills and how open-minded I am. He rubs the welts on my ass and apologizes if he hurt me.

It was a great morning.

ZZ_Todd 61M

9/10/2006 3:08 pm

Oh mercy! I'm going to have to stop reading blogs today... this is the 17th hard-on I've gotten aleady reading women's posts!

JuicyNVoluptuous 45F
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9/17/2006 1:49 pm

    Quoting ZZ_Todd:
    Oh mercy! I'm going to have to stop reading blogs today... this is the 17th hard-on I've gotten aleady reading women's posts!
Glad I could help!

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