Yesterday's Holiday  

JsAngelBaby 32F  
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4/21/2006 9:38 pm
Yesterday's Holiday

Some of you may remember that yesterday was April 20, 2006, or 40/20/06, meaning a major holiday for some people (i.e. pot heads). I have always known that 4:20 AM or 4:20 PM was a big time for some, and all through out high school a lot of the guys would not show up for classes come April 20. But yesterday was the first times I have ever hear any local news stations cover any part of it.

KSL Channel 5, Utah’s NBC station was calling it “April 20 a Marijuana Holiday for Many Teens.” On their web site they have stated “Before we talked to these teens, we called Salt Lake City police, the Salt Lake County Sheriff's office and school district police to ask them about 420. All of those departments said they'd never heard of the term or its significance and would not be doing anything special for enforcement today.”

Is it just me or do the polices really know about all of this pot smoking that is going on and just don’t want to say anything about it?

I say, we put it to a vote and say yes to make Marijuana saleable like cigarettes and put all the taxes on it as well. This way not as many teens are into it, because it is no longer an illegal thing to do, making it not cool.

In closing I have to agree with one student who said, “They know it is all over the place. They can’t really stop it.” Which is true the law enforcement know where it is at, even if they don’t want to admit it. Let the children be free to say as the same student said, “You buy it, you share it with everybody. It’s like Christmas.”


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