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JsAngelBaby 32F  
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7/14/2006 9:37 pm
Thinking Thing

I have been thinking all day about a convo that my best friend and me had a while back. She was telling me about some of the stuff her and her boyfriend had talked about trying out, and it got me thinking (didn’t help her asking questions).

And then I re-read some replies to an earlier blog post about pictures. The only person who I would ever feel comfortable with is my best friend and I asked her if she would mind taking the pictures, but the down fall is that she is only coming back to town for 4 days, and on my day I have to share her with our other friend.

Which got me thinking some more (my head hurts). Maybe I am ready to move on from just looking for guys. Maybe I should be looking for a girl that wouldn’t mind helping me feel comfortable enough to have someone, that I haven’t known for the last 13 years, take the pictures of me. And who knows maybe I can take some pictures of her to clam me down in the meantime.

Is thinking about all of this making me bi, or something other then straight?


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