MY WEEK (Feb 2nd - 8th 2006)  

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2/1/2006 9:50 pm

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MY WEEK (Feb 2nd - 8th 2006)

Hey All,

News on Grandma:

They went in took the right kidney, and part of her colon (which we knew), but then they saw some stuff in her small intestines that they also removed (news after the fact). She seems to be doing ok, thank God. I will be up at St. Marks Hospital for the better part of the day tomorrow, so sorry I can’t be checking E-mail or chatting.

I do want to press the fact if you are 30 or older please, please, please go get a FULL screening of your body, from head to toe. Let them catch anything and everything early on and life for you and your love ones will be so much easier.

By Wednesday on next week, I should be more then around the net world, Grandma will be home, I might stay at her place for a night or two, but I’ll have the net there, so chatting will be possible.

Well, I will talk to everyone later. Have a good week.


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