DIE MICE!!!!  

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9/3/2006 9:37 am

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9/5/2006 8:22 pm


Yesterday at work had to be the sickest day ever!!!!!

Everything was going great, not a lot of work so I got to do a lot of keying and a lot of look ups (PEOPLE WHEN SENDING A CHECK TO PAY A BILL PUT YOUR ACC # ON IT). Well, when all the keying and look ups were doing, I went over to talk to one of the SL and then mine came over and then my TL came over, so I asked when they were going to clean out the filing of the SL (2/3 years later it stills needs to be clean out).

Well, my SL & TL said that I was going to clean it out. Oh sweet, after all this time I kept asking if I could clean it out and they kept telling me that they were going to do it, and at the last minute, “No you are.” Good thing that I love them so much.

Everyone knows where I work Discover Financial Services, but NO ONE really knows where it is. There are a lot of empty fields around use and within the last few weeks they have been moving the dirt around getting ready to build stuff, so the mice have came over to play.

This filing system of this SL not only had papers upon papers, but a full box of little packages of oatmeal, which the mice where living off of. I wanted to kill my TL she didn’t tell me that I would need gloves and a mask along with my safety glasses.

Needless to say there were mouse droppings in the thing ALL OVER!!!!! Yes after moving the first few things I did put the mask and gloves on. I don’t have anything that I know of, besides a very hurt left arm.

Well that was my day yesterday; talk to ya’ll later.


rm_Hockeyman720 31M

9/5/2006 6:17 pm

hey it's me hockeyman... sorry to hear that... you should hit me up sometime... i want to meet you...

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